The ignorance and stupidity of the Republican party never fails to amaze.  The governor of the third most populous state, Florida, finally issued a state-wide coronavirus lockdown yesterday.  The reluctant governor had to be dragged to the decision and still made an exemption for church gatherings–an extraordinarily reckless and irresponsible gesture. Worshipers who gather are not only putting their lives at risk but are also putting the lives of everyone else they come into contact with at risk.  Is that what Jesus would do?  Just as jaw dropping, the governor of Georgia yesterday declared that he had just learned that a person with coronavirus could spread the disease before symptoms even show!  How did I know this a month ago and he didn’t?  Has he only been watching the Fox channel?  Disastrously incompetent.

Trump and his regime continued to push the lie that they didn’t respond quickly to the outbreak because they were too absorbed by the impeachment hearings, echoed yesterday in a similar statement from Moscow Mitch McConnell. But Speaker Pelosi demolished the Trump argument on CNN, saying “I think it’s an admission that perhaps the president and the majority leader cannot handle the job. We have a life and death situation in our country,” she continued, “and they should not try to hide behind an excuse but admit they did not take action!”

In yesterday’s prime time White House propaganda extravaganza, Trump tried to make the presser about gang violence and the Mexican cartels, bringing along his corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr.  Trump was trying to change the narrative away from his catastrophic failure to respond to the epidemic–but it didn’t work.  Reporters continued to press him on the lack of federal response to the outbreak as cases continued to skyrocket and the death toll continued to mount.  The bottom line: we still have no national strategy nor lockdown to speak of.  Every state for itself!

It seems like we learn something new about virology and Covid-19 every day.  Yesterday I read an interesting (and oddly comforting) op-ed about the significance of viral dose to the severity of sickness. It seems that the severity of a person’s illness might be a function of how much of the virus they come into contact with.  I always imagined that coming into contact with a single germ (in this case, a virion) could trigger such a rapid multiplication of the virus that the outcome wouldn’t be much different than if I came into contact with a hundred or a thousand virions.  Not true at all.  Here’s the article:

If nothing else, knowledge is power.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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