State governors around the country yesterday continued their call for supply coordination from the Federal Government, which still can’t get its act together to assess and deliver critical medical equipment, supplies and tests where they are most needed.  Hospitals in New York City are already overwhelmed and bracing for more cases, but it does seem that the stay-at-home policy is starting to slow the outbreak by reducing the rate of increase of new cases.  The death toll has yet to slow, with over 1,200 deaths in New York State thus far and over 66K testing positive. We still don’t know the full extent of the outbreak because tests are still not widely available but the testing situation is slowly improving despite the lack of competence from the Feds.

It’s hard to foresee how this will all end, but an excellent article in the New Yorker by Lawrence Wright takes a detailed look at different strategies to combat the virus, including vaccines, treatments and the use of blood plasma–which is likely the most promising tool we will have for a while:

It’s also worth noting that the scientific community has another new tool at its disposal that might eventually be a game-changer.  Several different labs including IBM and the US Government’s own NNSA are using their supercomputers–often linked with supercomputers in other labs–to try to design treatments for Covid-19. The virus’s genome has already been decoded and scientists are racing to identify compounds that will have the highest likelihood of slowing or deactivating it.

Trump tried again yesterday to beat back criticism of his delayed response to the outbreak, attacking and cutting off reporters at his daily coronavirus/campaign presser.  He also bizarrely invited Mike Lindell–the “MyPillow” Guy–to speak at the presser because Lindell kisses Trump’s ass.  It was embarrassing to watch. But with each passing day a new video appears from a progressive political group exposing Trump’s historic failure to act.  This video from CapAction (Center For American Progress Action Fund) appeared yesterday and it’s powerful:

We simply can’t let Trump get away with whitewashing his catastrophic failure to respond quickly and competently to the pandemic.  Trump was warned, he blew it off, he scoffed at this detractors, he called it a hoax, and now he’s saying that if we only lose 100,000 to 200,000 citizens it will be a big win for him. Outrageous. Video’s like the one above should fill the airwaves as we approach the 2020 election.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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