The only news that mattered yesterday came during Trump’s daily emotional therapy press conference where he pretends to be presidential while bloviating about the coronavirus.  Trump said he was considering lifting restrictions and ending the “shutdown” after 14 days because the economy needed to get moving again–even though the outbreak was accelerating.

In other words, Trump wanted to risk millions of deaths to protect the stock market.

But the situation is complicated.  Individual States control the length of their shutdowns, so Trump could be picking an eventual fight with states like New York over how long to shelter in place.  And Trump is going against the opinion of almost every expert.  Virologists agree that the longer we stay at home, the sooner we will allow the virus to ebb and allow widespread testing to become available so we can begin to isolate the asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19.  Only then can life begin to normalize.  If we loosen controls, Trump could actually ensure the worst possible outcome–a financial depression AND mass death.

Game it out.  Trump persuades states to lift restrictions too soon and people begin mixing, the virus regains momentum, many thousands more get sick and die, and we are forced back to another round of shelter in place.  This scenario produces more sickness and death while hammering our economy again, and it lays the foundation for mistrust.  The more people who mistrust the science or the recommendations, the more carriers for Covid-19.  And the more mistrust and death, the more people will stay away from businesses where people gather and a depression will become inevitable.  Like it or not, we can’t battle Covid-19 with half measures. If we pay now, we won’t have to pay a hell of a lot more later.  And every expert says so.  The  best article written so far on this topic was published in the New York Times two days ago by Donald G. McNeil Jr.:

Democratic leaders need to feel our support as they face an increasingly desperate White House that in turn makes Republicans in Congress feel increasingly frantic and desperate.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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