In case you missed it, Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race yesterday after a disappointing Super Tuesday performance.  Bloomberg then endorsed Joe Biden and pledged to continue his media operation against Trump.

I didn’t love Bloomberg’s campaign strategy (though I would have voted for him if he had become the nominee).  Any billionaire buying his or her way into an election is profoundly undemocratic and deserving of our scorn.  It’s clear that we need to get money out of politics.  But until we legislate money out of politics, I love Bloomberg as a non-candidate media titan aligned against Trump.

For decades, Republicans have controlled several propaganda spigots that have stoked fear, resentment and division among conservative voters.  Democrats have not.  Despite the smears and accusations from the right, CNN and MSNBC are not left-wing propaganda.  They are, for the most part, serious journalists who investigate and fact-check their reports.  They may “slant left” but few of them are editorialists.  On the other hand, Fox, InfoWars, Limbaugh and Sinclair Media are rumor mongers and craven partisan hacks with a massive audience.  There might be serious journalists at Fox, but their headline primetime anchors are not.  Hannity and Pirro are not journalists.  Jones and Limbaugh are not journalists.  They spew opinion and invective and aim to stoke fear and outrage.  The left has NOTHING like this.  We don’t have anchors who call all Republican voters “evil scum” or “traitors” or “treasonous”.  We don’t have media titans who spread fictional stories about pedophile rings in the basement of pizza parlors or about the Sandy Hook shooting being a “false flag” operation.

I’m glad and grateful that Bloomberg is throwing his sizable operation–and fortune–into ads and memes that aim not at the head but at the heart.  He knows how to punch back on social media, and we need this.  He knows how to get under Trump’s skin, and he will force the Trump regime to fight on several fronts.  Trump has cultivated a huge and powerful social media machine micro-targeting vulnerable voters in swing districts, and now Bloomberg can start to help Democrats reach voters in the same way.

With Bloomberg in his corner, it’s hard to see how Biden can lose to Sanders.  Right or wrong, Democratic voters seem to have decided that the best chance of beating Trump is to get behind Biden.  It’s sad that Elizabeth Warren didn’t have a stronger showing, but Democrats are probably still snake-bit from 2016, meaning it’s likely that misogyny is still deeply ingrained in our culture–in times of trouble, people feel safer running to daddy.  Warren is a better communicator and more energized than Sanders and is much more clear-headed and articulate than Biden, but alas, she seems poised to end her candidacy by all reports.

As the Democratic primary rages on, Trump continues to do his best to destroy our republic while pretending to be competent.

Trump yesterday dismissed reports by medical experts that the Covid-19 mortality rate could be as high as 3.4%, calling it a “false number” and saying his “hunch” is it’s probably less than 1%.  And the administration still won’t say whether testing will be free, which could have a huge impact on the spread of the infection.  They minimize the risks of the pandemic at the peril of our citizens.

The Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the Trump regime’s case for abolishing the ACA.  It’s a blow to our most vulnerable citizens but it could be a political boon, as voters are happy with the ACA and will be horrified if Trump is able to knock the whole law down in the Supreme Court.  Fortunately, court observers think it unlikely that Trump’s case will succeed, but the process will highlight the craven hatred Trump and his cult have for affordable and fair health care–which activists should be broadcasting nonstop through November.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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