Corrupt Attorney General William Barr said in an interview yesterday that he didn’t get any direction from Trump to interfere with the sentencing of Trump crony Roger Stone, and he also said that Trump should stop tweeting because it gets in the way of Barr doing his job.  As many observers pointed out yesterday, if Barr can’t do his job, he should resign. But he won’t.

Barr wants us to believe that of the thousands of cases pending in the Federal Justice System at the moment, it was mere coincidence that he just happened to intervene in a case involving his boss Donald Trump.  AND he just happened to intervene in the sentencing recommendation a few hours after Trump tweeted that the sentence was too harsh.  Keep in mind that dozens of former federal prosecutors and justice department officers can’t point to a single instance of an Attorney General interfering in a prior case in this way.  It’s not normal.  It’s corrupt.  And Barr is a proven liar who ALWAYS operates in bad faith, and always slants the playing field in favor of the president.

Barr’s motto should be:

“Trump: I help his criminal friends and hurt his political enemies.”

Keep in mind that Barr has interjected himself in unprecedented fashion into other areas of the DOJ.  He got personally involved in existing cases affecting Trump in the Southern District of New York, including cases of hush money that have since gone quiet.  And it was recently reported that any investigation started into Trump or related to Trump MUST now go through Barr personally.

Meanwhile Trump continues to criticize prosecutors, judges, governors and states via Twitter in a deadly serious way while his supporters in Congress laugh it off as “not serious” or “it’s just Trump”.

A conversation was also raging yesterday about Michael Bloomberg’s unprecedented attempt to purchase the presidency.  He’s been spending a million dollars A DAY on social media ads, and he’s spent hundreds of millions on TV ads mostly bashing Trump.

Some progressives are enraged that “oligarch” Bloomberg can warp our democracy with such a staggering amount of money, and they point to any number of prior positions or statements from Bloomberg that run contrary to the agenda and spirit of the Democratic party.  And these are compelling arguments.  On the other hand, Bloomberg is doing exactly what every candidate wants to do, and what Trump did so well in 2016–he’s flooding the zone with his message and getting attention.

We aren’t going to stop Bloomberg from spending his money, and we aren’t going to stop him from attempting to co-opt the Democratic party.  But IF he isn’t able to gain the nomination, he will still have done the Democratic party a huge and expensive favor.  He will have exposed Trump’s failings to Fox-addicted Americans in unprecedented fashion. And in a world where most of Trump’s voters NEVER listen to any other source of information, exposing them to the real Trump (sleazy, lying, incompetent, petty, second-rate) has value.  He will have forced Trump to focus time and resources battling Bloomberg when Trump could have been smearing and demonizing others.  He will have taken some attention away from the Trump circus and put it somewhere other than Trump.  Trump isn’t good at much, but he’s expert at getting attention, even if he has to do something horrible to get it.

You will notice that whenever the Democrats are about to have a spotlight moment–a debate or caucus or primary–Trump will do or say something grotesque and the cameras will scurry to cover him while taking attention away from Democrats.  This is Trump’s method. ALL attention is beneficial, no matter what he has to do to get it.  Only a real billionaire with vast resources can counter the news-weight that Trump wields by virtue of his office.  So I’m glad Bloomberg is spending his money this way.  It doesn’t change the fact that there’s too much money in politics, but until we change the rules, we might as well have a billionaire with a skillful media company on our side, since the Trump cult have had the Murdoch Empire, Sinclair Media and Premiere Networks for decades.  It will take something close to a miracle for Bloomberg to gain the delegates needed to win the nomination outright.  It’s not impossible, but it’s unlikely, especially since WE determine who we vote for.  And the more closely people look at his record, the more difficult his path will become.  However, he was a very popular mayor in a very diverse and progressive city.  All in all, I welcome his attacks on Trump.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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