It’s a foregone conclusion that Trump will be acquitted by the Senate in his impeachment trial.  The bad news is, Trump Party Senators abdicated their duty and abandoned the rule of law by voting to deny witnesses and evidence, which means the proceedings were not so much a trial as an argument that the Democrats lost about maybe having a trial.  So keep repeating this: No witnesses, no exoneration!  The good news is twofold.  First, the final Senate impeachment vote should come on Wednesday, after Trump’s State Of The Union speech on Tuesday night, which deprives him of fully savoring the Senate sham. Second, the decision by Trump Party Senators to deny witnesses was so unjust and craven that it will give Democrats a boost in their quest to flip the Senate in November, and perhaps give the Democratic presidential contender a boost as well.

It’s important to remember that Trump won the presidency by a mere 77,000 votes spread across three states–PA, WI, and MI.  If the turnout percentages in November are in line with the turnout in the 2018 midterms, Trump will have a tough time repeating his feat.  But he has a massive digital campaign behind him that micro-targets states and districts to maximize turnout, so Democrats will have to work hard to overcome the Trump Party digital advantage.

The digital divide will also make the eventual choice of candidate important, but only because some Democrats won’t adopt the “vote for whoever wins” principle.  If every Democrat who has a favorite contender would pledge to vote for whoever wins the nomination, our chances would be much better.  And this is exactly what the former Republican party did in 2016–held their noses and voted for Trump despite widespread dislike of him.  But there are clearly some camps within the Democratic party who have trouble with this basic principle.  Some would rather vote for a “disrupter” like Trump than an “insider” or “corporate Democrat,” which is ludicrous.  Trump is the most corporate president ever, staffing his entire administration with crony capitalists, lobbyists and craven industry executives. His Tax Scam was a giveaway to corporations and CEOs.  When Trump campaigned in the 2016 race his voters wanted him to “shake things up,” but did all of them know beforehand that this meant “burn our Democracy and institutions to the ground?” Surely some of them are horrified now.

And let’s be clear, burning our Democracy to the ground is the project Moscow Mitch McConnell seems very agreeable with. McConnell’s actions have revealed his mindset: if power can be preserved through lawful and democratic means, fine, and if power can only be preserved through unlawful and undemocratic means, that’s fine too.  For decades our Congress more-or-less relied on an assumption of good faith and an avoidance of shame.  But McConnell has singlehandedly destroyed those two principles. He’s operated in bad faith since the beginning of the Obama presidency, trampling norms and traditions into dust. And aided by a conservative media lie machine (Fox), he’s been able to despoil and desecrate the Senate without shame. It used to be that if a politician told a bold-faced lie to the media, a nightly news anchor like journalists Cronkite, Jennings or Brokaw would let the world know.  Now, ignorant hate-monger/infotainers like Sean Hannity repeat the lie and few viewers know the difference.  Bear in mind that a 2012 study by Fairleigh Dickinson University found that people who watch Fox “News” know less about domestic affairs than people who watch no news at all.  Watching Fox makes people dumber.

February is the worst month of an election year.  It’s when the nominees and their supporters are the most desperate and the most afraid.  It’s when the outcome seems the least certain, and humans hate uncertainty.  Iowa’s caucuses are happening today, and while they are important, they are not critical.  Trump didn’t win Iowa in the 2016 primary.  Once we get to super-Tuesday on March 3rd let’s hope to God or Yahweh or Lucifer or whomever that Democrats will have greater clarity and can start to move beyond rancor toward unity.  Here is all that should matter in the general election: Getting rid of Donald Trump, and focusing on the big issues (the ones that affect 99% of American lives, like health insurance, job security & climate change).

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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