Yesterday was a busy day in the news, from Trump’s bumbling visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos to the Senate impeachment trial and beyond.  Here’s a roundup of the important items:

For the second day in a row, Rep Adam Schiff and his House Impeachment Managers gave the Senate a devastating presentation of the evidence of abuse of power by Donald Trump.  Social media was buzzing with praise and some Republicans Senators admitted afterwards that they were unaware of the details of the case until yesterday.  It was also reported that the Senate received a surprising number of phone calls from Republican constituents demanding that witnesses and documents be subpoenaed by the Senate for inclusion in the trial.  Will enough Republicans succumb to the pressure?

In the shadow of the impeachment trial, some Senate races already appear to be tipping away from Republican incumbents, including Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who trails his Democratic challenger by 2 points as of yesterday.  The realistic aim of impeachment has never been to remove Trump from office (though he deserves it) but rather to hurt his re-election chances and expose the moral rot at the heart of the Senate and weaken their ability to hold the majority after the 2020 election.  Recent polling shows that 70+% of Americans want witnesses to be heard during the trial, so impeachment seems to be slightly hurting Republicans while not hurting Democrats thus far.

Republicans in the House are also having problems.  Devin Nunes was scorched by the Sacramento Bee, a California newspaper, claiming that Nunes, “betrayed the truth and, quite possibly, betrayed our nation.”  Nunes has been under fire for his office’s contacts and work with Giuliani stooge Lev Parnas, who Nunes claimed not to know until evidence proved his claim false.

The economy is one of the few positive stories Trump can point to during his tenure as president.  But clouds are appearing on the horizon.  Global manufacturing growth has been trending down and analysts yesterday were saying it’s only a matter of time before the slowdown affects the US economy.  In fact, it’s looking increasingly likely that US fourth quarter GDP in 2019 will come in close to zero–a far cry from Trump’s three-percent-or-higher target level.  Analysts are also giving a better than fifty-fifty chance that the stock market will suffer at least a large correction if not a recession this year, and Trump’s tariffs are only adding to the likelihood.

Finally, Trump made another series of bizarre and troubling remarks at the World Economic Forum yesterday.  When discussing Elon Musk and protecting our geniuses and intellectual property, Trump gave examples including Thomas Edison–who has been dead for almost ninety years–and the wheel, which he thinks was invented in America!  Cable News commentators lamented that Trump’s mind seems to be slipping–what else would explain such odd and ill-informed remarks?

The Senate impeachment trial continues today.  Also, today is call-in day to push NYS lawmakers in the Assembly to pass Automatic Voter Registration, so please take a moment and call your Assembly Member to push forward this vital Democratic priority.  This is the number to call:  1-855-973-4252

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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