The Senate impeachment trial starts today and it’s sure to be anticlimactic.  Yes, there will be drama and wrangling and fireworks, but in the end it’s likely that Trump will not be removed.  And Speaker Pelosi has known this from the start.  Impeachment was never about removing Trump.  It was about weakening his presidency while sticking up for the rule of law and supporting the Constitution.

In a survey recently conducted by SSRS for CNN, 58% of those polled believe Trump abused his power for political gain and 51% believe he should be removed from office by the Senate.  In other words, slightly over half of America thinks that Trump should be removed. When you think about it, that’s a stunning number.  So anyone who says that the impeachment process is bad for Democrats has to come to terms with these numbers.  And it’s not just Trump.  Many senators who thought they would be facing easy re-election are looking at very competitive races, including Susan Collins in Maine, Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, Martha McSally in Arizona and Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.  McConnell is probably the safest of the four, but his numbers are not where they should be and neither are Trump’s.

In a sense, Democrats are in a win-win situation with the Senate impeachment trial. If “Midnight Mitch” (formerly “Moscow Mitch”) oversees a hasty trial with no witnesses, it will give Democratic Senate contenders a giant club to smash their opponents with come November.  Imagine political ads like, “My opponent, Senator Spineless, backed a sham impeachment trial with no witnesses so he and his corrupt Republican Senate pals could hurry up and continue to do NOTHING.”  On the other hand, if McConnell allows witnesses, it will draw more attention to Trump’s misdeeds and to the feckless hacks in the Senate who support him.

Impeachment won’t remove Trump from office.  It will remove any remaining shred of dignity and shame from the Republican Senate facade and expose them for the craven partisan hacks they’ve become under Trump.  They don’t care about country, they care about the perpetuation of their own power at any cost. Those of us opposing Trump don’t need to continue to make the case that Trump abused his power. Damning proof has been out in the open for months.  We need to make the case that the conduct of the Senate impeachment trial is an indictment of the Republican party, whose standards, scruples and ethics have been tossed on the ash heap in service of their crooked monarch, Trump.

Mitch McConnell released the rules for the Senate impeachment trial last night and they were predictably slanted and bogus.  Senator Schumer called them “a national disgrace:”

McConnell and his party have become a morally bankrupt cult of personality who would betray our constitution and system of government in order to place a corrupt president above the law. In the process, McConnell has proven himself an unAmerican disgrace whose boundless hypocrisy is only eclipsed by his hunger for power.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

One thought on “Day 1096 – McConnell Embraces Disgrace

  1. Hey JTC — I have been reading your blog for some time and wonder why you only sign your initials? Your writing is good. Clear. Why not go public? Are you worried about Russian trolls making your life hell?


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