CNN hosted a debate last night between the top six Democratic presidential hopefuls as the Iowa caucuses loom.  The candidates have been coming into sharper focus, but there were few fireworks or big surprises in the debate.

Bigger news broke away from the debate as documents were released to the public last night via the lawyer to indicted Giuliani goon Lev Parnas. A trove of communication between Parnas, Giuliani and others revealed that Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovich was under surveillance by a group of non-governmental persons apparently organized and overseen by a Connecticut Republican consultant and current Congressional candidate, Robert F. Hyde.  Mr. Hyde was already well known for disgusting and racist tweets directed at Ilhan Omar and Kamala Harris, so Hyde’s involvement in a shady effort in the Ukraine to surveil Ambassador Yovanovich seemed on-brand.  But some of the communications released by Parnas imply that there may have been a plot to do Yovanovich harm.  Some are even wondering if it was an assassination conspiracy.  On page 19 of the release, Hyde tells Parnas that his surveillance guys:

“…are willing to help if we/you would like a price.  Guess you can do anything in Ukraine with money…what I was told.”

What the hell could that mean, other than something deeply nefarious?

Also released was a letter from Giuliani to the Ukraine president stating clearly that Trump (as private citizen) had “knowledge and consent” of Giuliani’s actions–the first concrete evidence we have of Giuliani’s true role as a tool of Trump rather than a rogue.

All of these disclosures must be troubling for an already rattled Trump. The bags under his eyes keep getting bigger and bluer. And the documents are already being folded into the impeachment articles currently held by Speaker Pelosi, whose strategy is appearing more and more shrewd with every passing day as pressure mounts on Moscow Mitch McConnell to hold a Senate impeachment trial with witnesses.  Reports continue to surface claiming that the Democrats now have the votes to ensure documents and witnesses when the time comes.

Keep your eye on this Ukraine story.  There are still redacted documents from Parnas that have not been released, so more information will likely surface.  Meanwhile, keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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