The week started off quickly.  Monday was a torrent of news, beginning with a rash of crazy tweets and re-tweets from our Liar-In-Chief Donald Trump.  Trump first insisted that the Suleimani threat was imminent even though we know now it wasn’t.  Trump then insisted that it doesn’t matter whether the threat was imminent.  Then Trump responded to Senator Cory Booker’s withdrawal from the presidential race with a disgracefully juvenile and mocking attack.  Then he took another swing at Speaker Pelosi and the impeachment process.  Then he proclaimed that he has been a great protector of Pre-Existing Conditions!  (A blatant lie).  He also retweeted a mutilated corpse, misspelled Bernie Sander’s name, confused imminent with eminent, and retweeted a doctored image of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer in Iranian clerical clothing.  Trump is clearly feeling the pressure of his looming impeachment trial–a stain that can never be removed, as Speaker Pelosi noted yesterday–not to mention the widespread ridicule he received after his slurring, argle-bargle speech about the Suleimani assassination.

Some of Trump’s anxiety must be coming from the fact that the impeachment trial in the Senate won’t just amount to a quick vote.  Reporting last night suggested that McConnell does not have the votes to carry a quick resolution to dismiss the charges, and there might even be enough Republican senators to vote with Democrats on hearing witnesses and seeing documents, something Moscow Mitch McConnell has been resisting.  And polling indicates that the public overwhelmingly wants to see a legitimate trial, putting further pressure on moderate Republicans to keep McConnell from completely covering everything up for Trump. If John Bolton were to testify, it could be very bad news for Don the Con.

We also learned yesterday that Russia hacked the Ukrainian gas company Burisma that once employed Hunter Biden.  The Russians were likely looking for dirt on Biden to help Trump in the 2020 election.  The hack was a sure sign of things to come. Russia will continue to look for ways to divide America and help their puppet win a second term.  How better to destroy America than from within? Just elect an incompetent pathological liar with bad judgement, lousy character and an obsession with revenge–who employs cabinet members that want to destroy the agencies they run.

We will have to contend with Russian propaganda as the year moves forward.  And we are already seeing an increase in social media activity in our district by Republicans, both locals and national groups like the NRCC.  Retired General Tony German just withdrew from the Republican nomination for Congress in NY-19, leaving fashion designer Ola Hawatmeh as the lone candidate–for now.  But that hasn’t stopped a variety of voices from suddenly attacking Rep Delgado on social media.  Some call him a Trump defender because he didn’t come out early for impeachment, while others attack him for supporting impeachment and attacking Trump.  Many criticize him for his silence on certain hot-button issues like New York’s recent bail reform legislation, or whether or not Suleimani was a “terrorist.”  But the GOP will have a tough time defeating Delgado with their current candidate.  And they are going to have to defend A LOT of seats this year, spreading their resources and cash thin.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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