Hundreds of thousands of activists across America rallied last night to urge their representatives in Congress to impeach Donald Trump.  Over 600 rallies, organized by Indivisible and MoveOn, were held in every state, including several in our area.  The rally in Kingston, themed “No One Is Above The Law,” drew 150 protesters despite bitter cold and icy conditions.  Protests also happened in Peekskill, Hudson and Rhinebeck, among others, with several local indivisible groups posting their rally pictures on Facebook, including Hudson Valley Strong and Indivisible Ulster.  Large rallies took place in major cities, including a huge rally in Manhattan where thousands marched from Times Square down to Union Square.


It’s important to note that no counter-protests of any significance took place in response to the impeachment rallies.  It’s not difficult to imagine a group of Trumpers organizing “don’t impeach” rallies or “impeachment hoax” counter-protests–yet none materialized.  The passion resides with the resistance movement, and any passion for Trump seems disorganized outside his insane “emotional support” campaign rallies put together by his staff.

And lately it appears that Trump needs emotional support.  In advance of his imminent impeachment TODAY by the House of Representatives, Trump sent a rambling and unhinged letter to Speaker Pelosi almost begging her not to impeach him.  The letter reeked of self pity and desperation, and attacked Pelosi and the Democrats in language fit for a two-bit dictator rather than the president of the United States.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s letter was full of lies and inaccuracies.  The NY Times did a deep dive into the letter here:

Yesterday’s rallies demonstrate that the Indivisible movement and those resisting Trump remain committed and strong in the face of outrageous and constant White House scandal and chaos.  The next ten months will be a test of our Democracy, and will be a test of the proposition that grass-roots organizing and effort can beat lies, disinformation and massive pools of dark money.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”



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