The House is scheduled to vote tomorrow on two articles of impeachment of Donald Trump, and activists around the nation are organizing rallies tonight to remind our politicians that at least HALF the country wants Trump impeached and removed.  The theme of the rallies is “Nobody Is Above The Law.”

It’s almost certain that the impeachment articles will be authorized by the full House, but it’s not yet clear if they will be handed down to the Senate.  GOP leadership in the Senate has stated in advance that they will rush the impeachment through acting as biased partisans rather than impartial jurors, so it’s possible that the House could withhold the articles until the Senate guarantees a fair trial process, as many prominent Democrats are now demanding.  The Constitution requires members of the Senate at the start of an impeachment trial to swear an oath that they will act as impartial jurors, so Senators who defy this oath in advance are showing their contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law.  When those sworn to uphold the law decide to ignore or break the law, our Democracy is in grave jeopardy.  That’s why the New York State Supreme Court in lower Manhattan bears the inscription “The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government.”  Without a reasonably fair and impartial justice system, nothing else can function.

William Webster, former federal judge and director of the FBI and CIA, wrote a scathing op-ed in the New York Times yesterday that spoke directly to the issue of justice.  Webster is a friend of our corrupt Attorney General William Barr and is deeply troubled by Barr and Trump.  Webster wrote:

The aspersions cast upon [the FBI] by the president and my longtime friend, Attorney General William P. Barr, are troubling in the extreme. Calling F.B.I. professionals “scum,” as the president did, is a slur against people who risk their lives to keep us safe. Mr. Barr’s charges of bias within the F.B.I., made without providing any evidence and in direct dispute of the findings of the nonpartisan inspector general, risk inflicting enduring damage on this critically important institution. The country can ill afford to have a chief law enforcement officer dispute the Justice Department’s own independent inspector general’s report and claim that an F.B.I. investigation was based on “a completely bogus narrative.”

Full link:

While Trump was tweeting about Nancy Pelosi’s teeth and railing against Greta Thunberg, his administration was doing real damage to real people.  It was recently reported that the Trump regime was proposing changes to Social Security eligibility that could end or curtail benefits to hundreds of thousands of people.  Jake Johnson of Common Dreams published this piece yesterday:

It’s not melodramatic to fear that if Trump wins re-election in 2020, our nation will slide firmly into autocracy.  We’re already on our way there.  Our government institutions will be hollowed out, our social safety net will be dismantled, any remaining regulations will be completely slanted toward big business, civil rights will be set back decades, global warming will continue unabated, and our laws will be unevenly applied or invalidated by a Supreme Court filled with partisan hacks. Priority number one is to send Trump packing.  Priority number two is to flip the Senate.  In fact, if Trump is re-elected but loses the Senate, he will be in a significantly weaker position.  No more packing the courts.  No more cover for his corruption.  No more legislative gridlock.

“Anger without action turns into depression.”  Take action, get involved, and turn your disgust with Trump into something productive.  Attend protest rallies, like the rallies tonight in Rhinebeck, Hudson, Kingston and Cobbleskill (and maybe more).  Register voters.  Write postcards. Write op-eds.  Canvas for a candidate.  Give money.  Raise money.  Raise your voice.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

Rally info here:

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