Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee continued throwing tantrums and spewing distractions at yesterday’s impeachment hearing.  The committee was supposed to end the day with a vote on the impeachment articles recently drafted by the Democrats but the hearings went so late–in part due to constant grandstanding and manufactured outrage by Republicans–that Chairman Gerry Nadler tabled to vote until today.

But while it’s critical to understand why the House is impeaching the most corrupt president in US history, it’s also important to keep sight of the destruction this administration is doing to our nation, our environment, and our relationship with other countries.

For example, the World Trade Organization is an important player in global trade.  It’s far from perfect, but it tries to keep an even playing field for smaller nations to compete with the global powerhouses.  Trade has become globalized, and almost every nation relies on a complex web of international trading partners and allies to buy and sell the goods it needs.  But the know-nothing nationalists in the Republican party have become increasingly isolationist, pushing Trump and others to withdraw from the global stage based on the fearmongering myths that other countries only take advantage of us and we don’t need to subject our nation to rules written by non-Americans.  More importantly, American big business doesn’t want to be constrained by rules of any kind because we have the power to be a global bully.  So, largely under the radar, Trump has been able to quietly destroy the WTO by subterfuge.  Here’s great reporting in AXIOS by Felix Salmon:

A much more grave issue that continues to languish under the corrupt Trump regime is Climate Change.  The news keeps getting worse and scientists are increasingly skeptical that we can take action before we face catastrophe.  Paul Krugman wrote an alarming op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times that mentioned issues we’ve covered in this blog, like the potentially catastrophic feedback loop we face with melting permafrost.  Here’s an excerpt:

A new federal report finds that climate change in the Arctic is accelerating, matching what used to be considered worst-case scenarios. And there are indications that Arctic warming may be turning into a self-reinforcing spiral, as the thawing tundra itself releases vast quantities of greenhouse gases.

Here’s a link:

We need to replace Trump in 2020 not only because he’s a corrupt, lying autocrat who’s destroying our government agencies and dividing the nation, but also because the planet can’t wait another four years for us to take action.  We may already have passed crucial tipping points that lock in devastating consequences, and every day that we wait gets us deeper into a hole we have no choice but to pull ourselves out of.  Keep in mind that human CO2 emissions are projected to reach a staggering 36.8-billion tons in 2019.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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