This blog has been highly critical of Trump’s Attorney General William Barr, whose conduct in office has been nothing short of disgraceful. Blatant lying, distorting, and actively ignoring presidential malfeasance–Barr has become Trump’s personal goon rather than a champion of the law.  Last night former Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post slamming Barr’s conduct.  Here’s an excerpt:

Attorney General William P. Barr has made a series of public statements and taken actions that are so plainly ideological, so nakedly partisan and so deeply inappropriate for America’s chief law enforcement official that they demand a response from someone who held the same office.

Holder went on to single out a comment Barr made to a group:

…[Barr] issued what seemed to be a bizarre threat to anyone who expresses insufficient respect for law enforcement, suggesting that “if communities don’t give that support and respect, they might find themselves without the police protection they need.” No one who understands — let alone truly respects — the impartial administration of justice or the role of law enforcement could ever say such a thing. It is antithetical to the most basic tenets of equality and justice, and it undermines the need for understanding between law enforcement and certain communities and flies in the face of everything the Justice Department stands for.

The passage is chilling.  Barr’s threat belongs to a category of vile statements made by dictators and third-world henchmen.  It’s offensive to the spirit of our justice system, and a profound disgrace–something a free and fair society simply cannot tolerate.  Until we toss Barr and all of the other corrupt Trump cult members out of Washington, our system of government will remain in grave jeopardy.

And now, some good news on the local front.  The 2019 election recount results are finally certified in Ulster and Dutchess Counties.  David Clegg (former candidate for Congress) is now the Ulster County District Attorney, winning by 77 votes.  Clegg is the first Democrat to hold that office in years.  And in Dutchess County, Democrat Brennan Kearney has been declared winner of the 11th State Legislative District, beating incumbent Republican Howard Traudt by ONE vote.   Congrats to both of them!

And good news on the national front.  In arguments to the Supreme Court between the US Government and a health insurer in Maine, it seems the SCOTUS might be favoring the Affordable Care Act over moves made by Congress to gut its effectiveness.  Here’s a great, concise analysis in VOX by Ian Millhiser:

If the Supreme Court protects the machinery of Obamacare, it will very hard for Republicans to succeed in their plan to destroy it.  And that’s comforting news for Americans who rely on it for their health.

Keep resisting Trump & keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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