As expected, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee submitted an impeachment resolution to the Committee for debate and a vote later this week.  The resolution included two specific articles of impeachment of Trump.

  1. Abuse Of Power for using his office to push Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election for his personal gain.
  2. Obstruction of Congress for ignoring seventy or more subpoenas and refusing to allow any current officials to testify.

The resolution came the day after the Justice Department Inspector General cleared the FBI of partisan bias in the Mueller probe, which Trump and William Barr continue to lie about.  The lying has become so brazen that it boggles the imagination.  Trump has basically been saying that the IG report supports his Deep State conspiracy theory that the FBI went on a witch hunt against him because they hate him–when in fact the IG report says the Russia investigation began with legitimate probable cause and was conducted properly.  Barr has also been casting aspersions on the IG report while giving no evidence to support his derision.  His conduct has been so bad that the conservative legal group “Checks and Balances” warned that “Barr has grossly mischaracterized and subverted” the IG report.

On MSNBC last night national affairs analyst John Heilemann said, “The attorney general, from the moment he walked into his job, has behaved in a–as a ruthless, relentless political hack and a thug and who has behaved not as attorney general of the United States. He made a travesty of the Mueller report and continues to lie on Donald Trump’s behalf at every opportunity.”

It seems highly unlikely that Trump will be removed from office by the Senate, but the impeachment might at least serve to slow his corruption down.  Trump doesn’t want to go down in history as an impeached president and as we go forward the Democrats can hold over his head the prospect of further impeachment, which would be an American first.  No president has ever been impeached twice.  But it’s safe to assume that Trump will continue to be the corrupt scofflaw he’s always been as we approach the 2020 election, and because he is profoundly insecure he will likely look for ways to cut corners and cheat if he can.  We can also assume that members of his corrupt cabinet like William Barr will do what they can to lie and spin to serve Trump’s re-election.  Activism will require vigilance.  And please don’t forget to call Rep Delgado and let him know you support his stance on impeachment.

While the impeachment intrigue occupies center stage, Trump and his corrupt cabinet continue to hurt Americans with horrible policy.  They yesterday formalized new draconian work requirements for SNAP (aka food stamp) recipients, which will force at least 700,000 people out of the program, many the most vulnerable among us including children and people with disabilities.  It’s just another opportunity for cruelty that Trump and his cult can’t pass up.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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