The much anticipated Department of Justice Inspector General report on the origins of the Russia investigation was released yesterday.  The Trump-appointed Inspector General was asked by House Republicans to investigate the FBI and the DOJ to see if a conspiracy against Donald Trump propelled the beginning of the probe into Russian election interference and his campaign.

For years Republicans have been screaming about a Deep State conspiracy to spy on the president and ‘take him down’ by starting a ‘witch hunt’ into his campaign and then his presidency.  Trump often called the probe a ‘hoax’ and a ‘witch hunt’, and Republicans in Congress spewed multiple bizarre conspiracy theories about the nefarious partisans in the basement of the FBI who hated Trump and wanted him out.  So they’ve been waiting for this IG report, hoping it would confirm their delusions.

Instead, the IG report confirmed what the rest of us knew:  The investigation into Russian interference in our election, and the subsequent investigation into the Trump campaign, was legitimately formed and properly conducted. It was based on credible evidence and reasonable concern, and it did not involve any spying on the president.

The IG report destroyed the Republican’s favorite myth that the genesis of the Mueller probe was bogus.  It destroyed Trump’s lies about being spied on.  And it destroyed the claims that the FBI was somehow biased against Trump.

Will it stop the Republicans from lying about the Russia investigation?  Of course not.  They are now lying about the IG report itself.  Trump claimed after its release that the report proved there was an attempt to ‘overthrow the government,’ which was incendiary nonsense.  And Attorney General William Barr made a statement disputing the findings of his own IG, claiming that the Russia investigation was started on the ‘thinnest of grounds’.

Trump and Barr can get away with lying because an entire news channel will re-broadcast and parrot their lies–and Fox viewers will never know the truth.

Until Trump and Barr and the whole rotten cabinet are tossed out by voters, our Democracy will be at grave risk.  You can bet that Trump will continue to try to cheat the next election in any way he can.  And you can bet that countries like Russia will gladly oblige.

Meanwhile the Democrats will apparently issue draft articles of impeachment today, so this might also be another historic day in the news.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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