It was another typically insane weekend in Trump’s dystopian America.  The orange dotard spent Friday whining about sinks with low water pressure and low-flow toilets that need to be flushed “10 times, 15 times,” so of course social media erupted in mockery that the Republican “standard bearer” couldn’t finish his business in 10 flushes.  It was bad enough that Macron, Johnson and Trudeau spent last week’s NATO conference laughing at Trump, but now sixty-percent of America seemed to be using Trump as the punchline to potty jokes.

Another clamor rising on social media concerned the surrender of America to Russia by the Republican party.  They’ve endorsed and re-broadcast all of Trump’s Putin-friendly disinformation, and now many conservatives are talking about how much they love Russia and dislike Ukraine.  White nationalist Tucker Carlson even said “I think we should probably take the side of Russia if we have to choose between Russia and Ukraine.”  A brutal smack-down of the GOP was recently published by Rick Wilson in Rolling Stone, and was posted on the ITFIO Facebook page, but portions of it are worth highlighting here.  Wilson says:

As the impeachment hearings have worn on and as evidence of the complete moral collapse of the Republican Party has become more and more evident, it has become quite obvious there really are traitors among us. There are elected officials who have made the decision to protect a corrupt president by embracing conspiracy theories, refusing to acknowledge sworn testimony of career foreign-service officials, and piling on to Trump’s attack of democratic institutions.

The traitors deliberately ignore the reporting, counsel, and warnings of the intelligence community when it comes to Russia’s attacks and Vladimir Putin’s vast, continuing intelligence and propaganda warfare against the United States.

The traitors — be they United States senators like John Kennedy and Lindsey Graham or columnists from the Federalist, Breitbart, and a slurry of other formally conservative media outlets — repeat the Kremlin-approved propaganda messages and tropes of that warfare, word for word.

It’s not simply treason by making common cause with a murderous autocrat in Russia, or merrily wrecking the alliances around the world that kept America relatively secure for seven decades.

Their betrayal is also to our system of government, which as imperfect — and often downright fucked up — as it is, has been remarkably capable of surviving.

The traitors talk a good game, hands over their withered hearts, about supporting the Constitution, but they’re happy to ignore it when it suits their purposes.

The traitors believe the executive branch is superior to all others and unaccountable under the law. Traitors believe the “fuck you, pay me” ethos of this president and this White House isn’t an open door to a pay-to-play political culture in Washington where everyone and everything in our government is for sale.

They defend the White House’s indefensible position of stonewalling, silencing witnesses, and refusing to testify before Congress.

Traitors keep racial arsonists like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon in their orbit and employment. They pretend these men are selling populism and nationalism when in fact it’s just the same weaponized racism that worked so well for them in 2016.

The traitors will sit in Congressional hearings on impeachment knowing the truth about Trump’s extortion racket and of the grubby, sleazy plan Trump sent Gordon Sondland, Rudy Giuliani, et al to carry out, and tell lie after lie, the bigger the better.

The traitors cheer when Trump rides roughshod over the military chain of command and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, freeing men who killed civilians, abused and violated the warrior ethos, and broke the very laws of war they swore to uphold. They’ve gone from respecting hard men carrying out tough missions to fetishizing the outliers, edge cases, and the war criminals.

You can spot the traitors simply by watching their television shows, as they look you in the eye and tell you to your face they side with Russia. Tucker Carlson wasn’t winking and nodding to the camera; it was where he’s landed politically — a pro-Putin shill on a network that looks away from their pet president’s grotesque subservience to the Russian leader who helped elect him.

The traitors are ass-deep in oligarchs, eagerly selling access to the president, the secretary of state, the attorney general, and of course, the president’s venal pack of lucky-sperm-club spawn.

Pundits continue to wonder how the GOP (Gang Of Putin?) can get away with such obvious fealty to Russia and Russian goals–just as pundits wonder why Republican voters are so stubborn in their support for a corrupt president even when Trump is being impeached for obvious misdeeds.  But the answer hasn’t changed: The Fox network.  It’s been spreading hatred, fear, division, and lies for two decades and Trump is simply the logical spawn of its labor.  If Trump shot somebody on Fifth Avenue he would get away with it because none of his voters would ever hear about it.  Instead they would hear the latest convoluted chapter of the evil Deep State plot to hide the fact that Hillary Clinton personally causes cancer.

Our Democracy will remain at risk and a large fraction of our citizens will remain bitter and vengeful and artificially aggrieved as long as Rupert Murdoch’s lie machine cranks out propaganda while pretending that it’s “news”.  Fox is why the impeachment environment today is so different than it was under Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton.

We have a long road ahead and the 2020 election will certainly be hacked by Russia–and probably China too–in favor of Trump.  But we must keep working to ensure 1) our voters turn out in big numbers, and 2) we bring as many independents and moderates to our side as possible.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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