The House Intelligence Committee released its impeachment inquiry report last night detailing their investigation into Trump and their conclusions.  The report declares that Trump “compromised national security to advance his personal political interests,” and concludes that “The President’s actions have damaged our national security, undermined the integrity of the next election, and violated his oath of office.”

Conservative Rick Wilson said this on Twitter last night:

“Read the report.  That’s all I can say.

It’s absolutely brutal.”

The report describes three important areas of offense:

1. A broad, months-long effort by many members of the Trump administration–and others, including Rudy Giuliani–to press Ukraine to assist Trump’s re-election.  There were three separately impeachable elements in this section.

  • Asking Ukraine to help him interfere in the 2020 election.
  • Dangling a meeting at the White House to extort cooperation.
  • Withholding US Military Aid to extort cooperation.

2. A broad effort by the Trump White House to obstruct Congress in its efforts to investigate the Executive Branch.  Trump ignored or denied every subpoena and every request for documents or testimony despite at least one Federal Judge deciding that the House inquiry was entirely legitimate and a vital part of Congressional oversight. The obstruction effort made it more difficult for Congress to find out exactly what happened with Trump’s minions in Ukraine, and to confirm evidence already in the Committee’s possession.  No other president has so fully stonewalled and obstructed the power of Congress as Trump, not even Richard Nixon.

3. Efforts by Trump to obstruct justice from the Mueller report, including multiple instances of potential obstruction that Mueller refused to characterize, leaving the task to Congress.

The Impeachment report fittingly ends with quotes from Republican Senators about how bad and damaging Trump’s actions have been for our nation.  It’s important to note that the report adds many details that haven’t been previously disclosed, including phone records and other transcripts provided under subpoena from parties outside Trump’s influence (phone companies, etc.).

It’s also come to light that Republican Devin Nunes, who is the ranking member on the Intelligence Committee, had phone conversations with indicted goon Lev Parnas–a Giuliani associate–about Ukraine, but never disclosed these conversations to the committee.  In other words, he was a fact-witness in the investigation but failed to disclose it, and should at the very least have recused himself from the investigation.  Nunes has become the latest Republican to get caught up in Trump’s dirty dealings, and it couldn’t happen to a more disingenuous, malignant, and unAmerican force in Congress than lickspittle Nunes.

In all of this, Trump has been tantrum tweeting and making ranting comments from his trip to France for a NATO meeting.  He called Rep Adam Schiff a “maniac” and “a deranged human being,” which is yet another instance of Trump projecting his own defects on somebody else.  But as Trump feels more pressure his desperation and rage are sure to grow.  This is a dangerous time in America, when Democrats in Congress are trying to hold a tyrant accountable for his transgressions while morally bankrupt Republicans turn their backs on facts and the rule of law, hiding instead in a deceitful fantasyland that the Fox propaganda machine continues to prop up.

The House Judiciary Committee will surely forward articles of Impeachment to the entire House, and when it goes to a final floor vote there are impeachment actions planned around the country in support, so stay tuned and get ready to mobilize.  We may not be able to push many Senators to ultimately vote for impeachment but a large show of outrage will go a long way to convince other Americans that Trump’s actions were profoundly unAmerican and worth of his removal from office.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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