The corruption continues.  According to the Washington Post, Attorney General William Barr will dispute Trump’s own Inspector General, who will apparently report that the FBI had enough information and probable cause to begin an investigation into members of Trump’s presidential campaign before the 2016 election.  In other words, the genesis of the Mueller report was legitimate and warranted according to Trump’s own Inspector.

But that conclusion goes against Trump’s fantasy of a “hit job” and a “witch hunt” and a “hoax”.  So how will our Attorney General respond?  He reportedly plans to dispute the conclusion of Trump’s own Inspector General.  Why? Because he doesn’t care about our nation, he doesn’t care about the rule of law, and he doesn’t care about the health or legitimacy of law enforcement agencies like the FBI.  It’s clear that William Barr only cares about protecting a corrupt and likely criminal president from embarrassment and potential impeachment–at any cost.  Barr is willing to go down in history as a boot-licking sycophant and scoff-law in service of a tyrant with a fragile ego whose delusional claims about a witch hunt must be supported and cheered on, even if it means shredding the Constitution.

Two developments from yesterday’s headlines highlight how malevolent and noxious the Barr Justice Department has become within the cult of Trump.

First, the Justice Department from the time of Watergate has agreed that Congress can have access to the grand jury proceedings of a Special Counsel, especially for use in an impeachment hearing.  And so the House has been trying to get access to the grand jury testimony from the Mueller investigation.  But yesterday the Barr Justice Department went to court to argue that despite decades of settled policy and a prior willingness to disclose, they now believe Congress should NEVER get grand jury material from any Special Counsel investigation.  Why? Apparently the Mueller material makes Trump look even more guilty than he already does, and some of the grand jury testimony might actually bolster an obstruction of justice charge from one of the House committees.  Barr will contort his department and the law as far as he must to protect a corrupt president.

Second, a Federal Judge yesterday denied the government a stay on the previous order for former White House Legal Counsel Don McGahn to testify before Congress.  McGahn was hoping to put off his testimony as long as possible while a higher court considered his appeal.  But Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson decided to lift the stay and force McGahn to testify.  Justice Brown hammers the DOJ in her written opinion.  Here are a few select quotes:

“DOJ’s harm contention also seems especially dubious under the particular circumstances of this case… (…) DOJ’s argument that the Judiciary Committee will not be meaningfully harmed by a stay of this Court’s Order pending appeal seems disingenuous, and therefore, is unpersuasive. (…)  DOJ’s argument here…strikes the court as an unacceptable mischaracterization of the injury at issue.”

This is how a Judge tells a litigant that their legal arguments are trash.  Words like dubious, disingenuous and mischaracterization all share the same association with dishonesty.  So the Judge is telling the DOJ that their arguments are dishonest and in bad faith, which is a horrible state of affairs for the nation.  When our Department of Justice is inept, or corrupt, or both, our Democracy is in trouble.

It still seems unlikely that Trump will ever be removed from office by Congress but if the impeachment process shows clearly and convincingly that Trump violated the constitution and the spirit of of his office, it could drive a few thousand moderate voters out of his camp–and that’s all we need in places like Wisconsin to send Trump packing.

So remember to vocally support the legitimacy of the impeachment hearings (notes on social media to our elected Federal reps are always effective) and to reject the bogus Kremlin fantasy that the Ukraine had anything to do with the 2016 election hack.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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