The corrupt GOP can’t stop itself from helping Putin’s Russia.  Almost every Trump policy (or lack of policy) seems to benefit Russia, and many of Trump’s scandals revolve around issues that benefit Russia.  When Trump suggests that Ukraine hacked our election, the lie takes pressure and focus off of Putin.  Yet over the weekend Republicans in Congress helped push this bogus and totally debunked narrative.  Many of them acknowledged that our Intel community’s assessment of Russian election interference was correct, yet many, including Rep Kennedy from Louisiana, said that Ukraine also hacked us.  The GOP remain unable to present evidence–since none seems to exist–yet they stick with the phony claim in order to muddy the waters around impeachment.

Republicans in Congress also spend a lot of time attacking the impeachment process–a process Trump earned.  They can’t refute the facts that so clearly point to an abuse of power by Trump–including Trump’s own words from the Ukraine call summary–so they try to destroy the legitimacy of the inquiry.  But the inquiry has been properly conducted from day one, as a Federal Judge already decided.  And the subpoenas that Trump and his administration failed to comply with were properly issued.  And this is where Republicans might have their biggest problem.

Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.  It was one of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon.  And it goes to the very heart of the separation of powers and congressional oversight that our democracy demands.  If Congress loses the power to investigate, it ceases to be a co-equal branch of government, and ceases to be able to fulfill its constitutional rule.  Yet every single request made of the Trump White House by the House of Representatives has been stonewalled.  There has been no co-operation whatsoever.  Rather than get a judge to try to compel the White House to comply–a process that could take years–the impeachment inquiry will simply deem the White House failure to comply as a grave and separate impeachable offense.  And this leaves Republicans with only one defense–that the subpoenas themselves were not legitimate.  It’s absurd and insulting to anyone with half-a-brain, yet this seems to be the Republican plan to defend Trump.

As the impeachment process moves forward, our response as activists must be two-fold.  We must reject as ridiculous the Kremlin-backed fairy tale that Ukraine had anything to do with 2016 election interference, and we must affirm and support as legitimate the impeachment process, which sprang from Trump’s own damning and incriminating dialog with Ukraine President Zelensky:  “I would like you to do us a favor, though!”

We don’t need reminders of what a destructive and dangerous wrecking ball Trump has been in the White House, but we received yet another over the weekend.  The Trump administration announced that its judicial nominations will no longer include an evaluation by the American Bar Association.  It’s Trump’s way of obscuring the fact that so many of his judicial picks have been profoundly and disastrously unqualified for the bench.  The less the public knows about the nominees’ lack of fitness, the more easily Trump can nominate partisan hacks who will do his bidding rather than uphold (or even comprehend) the law.

It’s another sickening debasement of an important governmental check and balance, and another example of corruption and deceit from the crooked Trump regime, the least transparent administration in modern history.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out office.”


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