Yesterday was a big day in the impeachment inquiry, and the hearings didn’t disappoint.  Lieutenant Colonel Vindman testified yesterday and, despite Republican attempts to smear his service and character, did an exceptional job of remaining above the fray and confirming how inappropriate and concerning the Trump Ukraine call was.  He testified along with Pence aide Jennifer Williams, who also heard the Trump Ukraine call and was alarmed.  Both affirmed that the “summary” of the call released by Trump did not include key details of the phone discussion, including specific mention of Burisma, the firm Biden’s son worked for and Trump wanted investigated.  We need to demand the actual transcript.

Two GOP witnesses also testified yesterday and their testimony actually damaged Trump’s case.  One of them affirmed that Ukraine was well aware that US aid and an Oval Office meeting with Trump was contingent upon their public announcement of an investigation into the Bidens.  Coming from a GOP witness, this was devastating.  Here’s comprehensive coverage in the NY Times:

Today another monumental witness takes the stand in the impeachment inquiry.  EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, the man who paid a million dollars to Trump’s campaign for an ambassadorship, will testify, and he will have to tip-toe through a minefield of his own making.  Given his initial closed-door testimony and the subsequent disclosures from multiple witnesses, including two who described Sondland calling Trump from a restaurant and receiving encouragement to continue to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens–a call Sondland never mentioned to investigators, Sondland has a lot of explaining to do.  Rather than incriminate himself in perjury, he might be the first witness thus far to invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer certain questions.

This evening will also feature the latest Democratic debate, and it will be interesting to see if any of them address the impeachment hearings in detail or just gloss over it.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office” if he isn’t removed first.

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