The House passed an impeachment resolution yesterday, outlining the rules and procedures of the impeachment process going forward.  The rules are more favorable to the president than the rules under the Clinton and Nixon impeachments, yet the Republican cult spent their day whining and wailing about the process, arguing that because the investigation started before a formal vote, the entire enterprise was illegitimate.  Of course, a federal judge already opined that the process was fine and that the House has broad powers to investigate.  Meanwhile more witnesses testified yesterday, corroborating that Trump demanded a quid pro quo from Ukraine.

The picture has become crystal clear.  Trump and his toadies shook down a foreign government to force them to produce a public display of dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for US aid and access.  This fact has moved beyond dispute.  Republicans are left with making the claim that abuse of power of that sort doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment.  Yet it’s exactly the kind of nightmare scenario our nation’s founders were trying to protect against by enabling the removal of a corrupt president by impeachment.

Entertainer Rob Reiner yesterday tweeted a good encapsulation of the situation:


Chairman Adam Schiff noted last night that the impeachment committee will begin releasing transcripts of their recent secret depositions, perhaps as soon as the next day or two.  It was also reported that the public phase of the hearings could begin within two weeks.  So we will see publicly soon what the investigators have been hearing in private.  It’s a foregone conclusion that public opinion only has one way to move once the public hearings start–farther away from the president.  As much as impeachment is a risky move for the Democrats, it’s significantly more perilous for the Republicans.  If they make a mockery of the proceedings, it will only hurt their brand.  And if the facts come out clearly and convincingly, it will also devastate their case.

If you haven’t voted in our local elections yet, please make time to do so.  The Trump era has taught us that local civic engagement and elections are crucial to a healthy democracy and have a huge impact on our daily lives. You can vote on election day, next Tuesday, or vote early today, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a link to times and places:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office” if he isn’t removed first.

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