Trump has been lying constantly about the release of his infamous Ukraine phone call, describing it as a verbatim transcript when in fact it’s a summary that his own people produced. The original whistle-blower claimed that Trump asked Ukraine for help with dirt on Joe Biden eight times on that call even though the summary only shows a presumably sanitized version of it happening once.  But once was enough.  It was, in effect, an outrageous confession of abuse of power by the president.

The content of the real call transcript remains a mystery, but we learned more about it yesterday.  Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, senior member of the National Security Council, was on that call and testified about it yesterday to the House impeachment inquiry–the first witness who was actually on the call.  At the time, Col Vindman was so alarmed by the substance of Trump’s demands of Ukraine that he notified his superiors.  Now, the desperate and morally bankrupt GOP are trying to smear Vindman, a decorated combat veteran, because his testimony adds more damning corroboration of Trump’s vile abuse of power, as well as clarification.  Vindman testified that the summary left out a few crucial details of the actual call, apparently to make the president look better. Vindman tried to have the actual phrases included in the summary but was overruled.  In other words, the actual call transcript is something investigators–and the public–should demand, as it contains additional incriminating evidence of Trump’s betrayal of his oath of office and his nation.

Team Trump’s attempt to smear Vindman, a decorated war veteran and patriot, are being met with resistance from Democrats as well as a few old-school Republicans like Wyoming Rep Liz Cheney, all  supporting Vindman and beating back any bogus criticism.  There is simply no action, insult or smear too low for the Trumpers when the power of the presidency is on the line, and that simple fact reveals who they really are.  Trumpers have no morals or principles, no values or scruples–they are simply prostitutes to power who will do anything to win.  To them, sanctimony is nothing more than an occasionally useful facade.

Let’s keep resisting Trump, and keep working to “vote his ass out of office” if he isn’t removed first.


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