We’ve known for a while that Trump didn’t listen to his State Department nor his military advisers when he decided to remove the Ukraine ambassador and run a shadow campaign to trade US aid with the Ukrainian president for dirt on Joe Biden.  But we learned yesterday that he instead listened to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Hungarian strong-man Victor Orban, both of whom complained to Trump that Ukraine was a nest of corruption.  That Trump accepted the policy directives of hostile foreign powers and apparently completely ignored the resources and advice of our most trusted government experts is an unsurprising yet horrifying betrayal of our system of government and our norms by Trump.  Here’s coverage in the Washington Post:


Our nation also suffered another humiliation in the aftermath of Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds.  As our troops withdrew from Kurdish areas yesterday the citizens threw rotting vegetables at them in disgust.  And news organizations around the world lamented that ISIS will now likely reconstitute and find new allies in the wake of our retreat.  Trump muttered a typically lame, lying response to the situation, spewing filth about “what have the Kurds ever done for us” but anything he says now lands like poison on the ears of any thinking person, adding to the garbage heap of ten-thousand other lies he’s committed while in office.  Of course, his Trump-uber-alles cult don’t care about this or anything else he does, forever basking in the stench of his cruelty and bigotry.

Trump also ramped up his attacks on Democrats and the impeachment process, ranting like a lunatic in a prolonged news conference yesterday that careened from bizarre topic to topic, including Hillary’s emails and the world-record size of his rally crowds.  Trump also bad-mouthed the Constitution, belittling the Emoluments clause in a way that could only be described as unAmerican, and adding to the allegation that Trump has betrayed his oath of office–to protect and uphold the Constitution.  Trump is clearly feeling the pressure, trying his best to keep Republicans in line since the Republicans in the Senate are the ones who will ultimately decide his fate.  Rumors are circulating online that a mass protest might be in the works to call for impeachment, so stay tuned.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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