You probably heard over the weekend that Trump decided against hosting the G-7 at his Doral resort next year.  Trump whined on social media that his decision was “based on both Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility,” but in reality it was based on the fear that Republicans in Congress were getting tired of trying to defend a blatantly unethical, unConstitutional, and possibly unlawful act.  And Republican patience was already wearing thin from the ever-widening Ukraine scandal.  If Trump loses support from Republicans in the Senate he will be one step closer to removal by impeachment, which terrifies him.

The Syria situation also continued to go against Trump over the weekend.  Kurdish leaders kept calling Trump’s abandonment of Northern Syria a “betrayal” and it was reported that Turkish fighters had been using napalm and white phosphorus on Kurdish civilians, raising the possibility that Trump’s sudden support of Turkey could open him to charges of war crimes or crimes against humanity.  Democratic leaders in Congress are hoping to pass stronger sanctions against Turkey’s Erdogan, but the damage has been done and Erdogan is the obvious winner, along with Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Meanwhile, a body language expert named Dr. Jack Brown (@drgjackbrown) posted a long thread on Twitter about the now-famous photo of Speaker Pelosi shaking her finger at Donald Trump in the White House last week.  It’s a fascinating read.  He noted that Trump was leaning away from Pelosi and the table (projecting fear, withdrawal and dishonesty; Trump is almost always leaning forward) and his hands were below the table, signalling withdrawal, a need for protection, a hidden agenda and dishonesty.  Dr. Brown summed up the photo in this way:

If we suddenly developed amnesia and we weren’t aware of their relative elected positons of power, we would think that Nancy Pelosi was indeed the President–and that Trump was in the midst of being fired.

These three news items all add up to a single fact.  Donald Trump is weak.  Most bullies are.  Trump has spent much of his life and effort building a false front of strength to hide his fear, impotence and vulnerability–but in the glare of public office, faced with consequential decisions, his timidity and incompetence come through.  And this is a potentially huge political liability for Trump.  Above all things, his voters want to support a strong-man.  If they start to perceive him as weak, his power and support will be gone.

As we approach the 2020 election, activists should play up the fact that Trump is a fundamentally weak person desperately pretending to appear strong.  His Syrian withdrawal was a capitulation to Erdogan, who beat him.  His desperate desire to get dirt on Biden was a sign of weakness.  His change of course on the G-7 summit was a form of surrender.  And his meltdown in the meeting with Congressional Democrats was a manifestation of fear and powerlessness.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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