A lot of disturbing things have happened since Friday morning, many of them unsurprising.

Rudy Giuliani is under Federal criminal investigation for his ties to the Ukrainian influence scheme.

Trump isn’t just scaling back our presence in Northern Syria, he pulling our troops entirely, hastening the ethnic cleansing and genocide of our Kurdish allies already underway by the Turks.  The Kurds are now trying to ally themselves with Russia and Assad’s Syria, who also hate ISIS, which would make Trump’s reckless betrayal all the more costly and humiliating to the USA.

On the surprising side, Trump lost five court rulings on Friday, all of which were potentially consequential.  The courts said:

  1. Accountants should turn over Trump’s taxes to NYS (instantly appealed).
  2. Diverted military funds can’t go to pay for the border wall.
  3. Immigrants can’t be rejected for requiring assistance (public charge rule)–NYS
  4. Immigrants can’t be rejected for requiring assistance (public charge rule)–CA
  5. Immigrants can’t be rejected for requiring assistance (public charge rule)–DC

It’s telling that three courts struck down the “public charge rule” on the same day, saying that it wasn’t lawful and didn’t conform to the spirit of our immigration laws.  Trump’s lawyers are so inept they have a tough time making changes that pass legal muster.

Perhaps the worst moments of the weekend came at Trump’s “emotional support” rally in Louisiana.  His hateful rhetoric was over-the-top and reflected the fear and desperate loathing he feels as the impeachment scandals grow and as his betrayal of the Kurds continues to horrify members of both parties.  Trump continued to cast Democrats and the media as evil, and insulted his usual targets–members of “the squad.”  That he singles out women of color for specific character assassination tells us all we need to know about his racism and misogyny–not to mention his supporters.  Trump also did his best to characterize the impeachment process as illegitimate.

“They’re pursuing an illegal, invalid and unconstitutional, bullshit impeachment,”

Stay classy, sleazeball!  Trump’s hateful rhetoric is so purely divisive that it’s becoming dangerous–and normalized.  You hear it in the comments of his supporters, who talk about Democrats and Liberals in dehumanizing generalizations, and you hear it in the manifestos of mass shooters.  It’s a horrifying reality that millions of our fellow citizens characterize an entire political party as being evil and inhuman.  What’s the next step?  Political genocide?

I abhor the Republican agenda and platform, and I detest Trump because he is a liar and a divider and a sleazy grifter.  But I have many Republican friends who are not evil and are not part of the Trump cult.  I can agree to disagree with them.  But Trump is fomenting something altogether different, altogether ugly, and his toxic divisiveness is something we need to use to our advantage.  He’s a divider, not a uniter, and most people want unity.  Most people want to live in a safe, serene country rather than an ongoing circus of hate and lies and chaos that typify Trump’s character.  Chaos is unpredictable and uncertain–and people don’t generally like these conditions.  People don’t like to live with anxiety.  So division is an aspect of Trumpism we have to loudly scorn.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office” if he isn’t thrown out first.

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