In yesterday’s impeachment news, a new report from Bloomberg alleged that Trump asked Rex Tillerson to pressure the DOJ to end a criminal probe of an Iranian-Turkish gold trader who was Rudy Giuliani’s client.  Tillerson refused, but if true the request might have been a violation of the law, and was certainly another impeachable abuse of power.

In the wake of Trump’s disgraceful betrayal or our Kurdish allies in Northern Syria, Turkey began bombing Kurdish areas, including many civilian locations.  A US Special Forces soldier in Syria told Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin that, “Turkey is not doing what it agreed to.  It’s horrible.” He claimed the Turks were committing atrocities and confessed, “I am ashamed for the first time in my career.” Even Republicans in Congress are horrified but Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds continues. Ethnic cleansing has begun and observers are saying Trump’s disgraceful withdrawal sets the stage for genocide.

Also, a soon-to-be-published book by Monique El-Faizy and Barry Levine reveals 43 new allegations of alleged inappropriate behavior by Donald Trump including 26 instances of unwanted sexual contact.  The book is titled, “All the President’s Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator.”  With all the other Trump scandals and outrages, advance excerpts detailing these molestation reports have barely registered.  

Despite the scandals and outrages, Republican operatives continue to direct attacks at Rep Antonio Delgado for the sin of endorsing an impeachment inquiry.  The NRCC re-tweeted a post by Delgado yesterday and urged Republicans to ask Delgado why he is “focusing on impeachment in Washington instead of the opioid crisis.” But the post they re-tweeted was an announcement by Delgado of his upcoming opioid forum in Glasco (happening today).  The NRCC is either stupid or not paying attention–or both.  But that won’t stop them from smearing.

The CLF (a GOP PAC) also tweeted at Delgado yesterday, accusing him of failing to find common ground with his constituents at an event.  BUT they didn’t disclose that the event was a gun club gathering where Delgado took questions from a crowd of NRA gun lovers.  It takes courage and a strong spine to walk into an already hostile crowd and defend your views.  John Faso was too big a coward to face criticism.  But Delgado has been tireless and relentless in visiting every county and listening to a broad swath of voters.  We’ve always expected conservative groups from outside our district to hurl in lies and misinformation as we approach 2020, but they seem to be ramping up their efforts now.

A different political group sent a flyer in the mail this week attacking HR-3, also known as the Lower Drug Costs Bill, which aims to use negotiation to lower drug prices.  The attackers used the same old corporatist propaganda we’ve heard before: lower drug prices will kill R&D, destroy jobs, and hurt the economy.  “Implementation of this plan will have catastrophic consequences on a market-based system that has made the US a leader in innovation…(and) would provide little relief to patients at the pharmacy counter.” No surprise, the group sending the flyer was the “Pharmaceutical Industry Labor Management Association.”  They want people who need medications to go bankrupt so the grotesquely wealthy pharma execs and owners won’t be forced to layoff workers (rather than dip into profits).  Here’s a question.  If the cost reductions for sick patients “provide little relief” how can the consequences for Big Pharma be so dire??  Here’s another. Why has the “market-based system” done such a poor job of delivering medicine at the affordable prices seen by European countries?  As usual, Big Pharma is eager to spend money on propaganda and lies to protect their yachts.

Republicans fight dirty. They cheat, they lie, they spread misinformation and distortion, and our district will be a battleground for their dishonesty.  They have no other choice because their policies are so vile and unpopular.  Cheating is the only chance they have of hanging onto power.  We have to call them out on it.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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