Trump’s desperation level keeps rising as reflected in the public communications of his administration and allies, especially as each day brings a new impeachment setback for Trump. Recent disclosures include:

  • The whistleblower wrote a contemporaneous memo describing a White House official who said the Ukraine call was “crazy,” “frightening,” and “completely lacking in substance related to national security.”
  • A second whistleblower has surfaced, one with first-hand experience of the Ukraine call.
  • Text messages between Trump appointees suggested that Trump was using US aid as leverage in exchange for Biden dirt.

These and other developments have the administration running scared.  Trump decided at the last minute to forbid EU Ambassador Sondland from testifying to the House despite a subpoena–clearly concerned at what the ambassador might divulge. Sondland was at the center of text messages that implicated Trump in the Ukraine extortion.

Trump’s lawyers sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi yesterday declaring that they would not cooperate in any way with the Impeachment Inquiry, claiming that it was unconstitutional and lacked due process.  The letter was roundly shredded by former Federal prosecutors as the most poorly written and unprofessional letter of its type they had ever seen and failed to make any remotely cogent legal arguments.  It was also pointed out that the president screaming about due process was the same man who paid for a newspaper ad calling for the execution of five black teenagers for a crime they were later totally exonerated for.

Trump’s refusal to cooperate with the Impeachment Inquiry is, itself, an impeachable act. Refusal to comply with duly authorized House subpoenas constitutes an act of obstruction, and such charges will likely be added to the impeachment articles in due time.  Many democrats are now calling on the House to start imposing fines and even jail time for anyone refusing to appear under subpoena.  For reference, Susan McDougal served 18 months in prison for ignoring a subpoena to testify in the Clinton Whitewater case.

Trump wants to be above the law–all criminals do.  And if the question ever gets to the Supreme Court, all bets are off.  It’s likely that they would uphold the law as it’s been interpreted in past impeachment situations, but we’ve learned that the current SCOTUS is unpredictable, especially when it comes to doing favors for Emperor Trump.  IF the court ever hands down a ridiculous decision that spits in the eye of our Constitution or founders–like deciding that a sitting president can’t even be investigated, as Trump now asserts–we should be prepared to march to the courthouse steps in DC and make our last stand, as such a decision will truly be the start fascism.

In our own state, Republican Rep Lee Zeldin from Long Island tweeted a video of himself yesterday screaming “why aren’t we working to pass bills that will help Americans” instead of wasting time on a crooked impeachment hearing?  Zeldin apparently hasn’t noticed the 250 bills passed by the House (Democrats) that are sitting in Senate limbo under do-nothing Moscow Mitch.  Zeldin also referenced “an enraged activist base trying to take down a sitting President,” as if widespread corruption and conduct unbecoming a president shouldn’t make citizens enraged.  Oh, but it was okay for Republicans to be outraged over Benghazi and investigate it a zillion times. We will surely see more of this desperate and hypocritical drivel in the days ahead.

The furor of Zeldin and other Trump apologists is typical behavior when sleazebags are backed into a corner after running out of flip-flops.  First, they said Trump didn’t ask Ukraine to investigate Biden.  Then they saw the transcript.  Then they said there was no quid pro quo.  But quid pro quo isn’t necessary to betray the oath of office, and besides, it looks like there was quid pro quo.  Then they said it was bad but not impeachable.  But public opinion kept moving against them.  Now they are saying that the Democrats aren’t allowed to impeach because it is a coup.  Or because it’s bad for the country.  In other words, they are terrified and grasping at straws.  Trump betrayed us in plain sight and the Republicans can’t erase that fact.

We have to keep supporting the investigations and keep shouting back at stooges like Zeldin.  When a president betrays the country and the oath of office we are supposed to be outraged!  That’s what patriotism looks like.  And right now, Republicans are what cowardice looks like.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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