It’s simple.  Either you believe it’s acceptable for the president to ask a foreign power to attack a political rival or you believe it’s a betrayal of the essence of our democracy.  If it’s acceptable, then you can’t possibly care about the constitution and the issues that propelled the founding of our nation.  If it’s not acceptable, then you can’t possibly deny the necessity for impeachment.

But Biden!

But Hillary!

But her emails!

But Rick Perry!

But but but.

Blah blah blah.

None of this noise matters.  What does matter is also simple.  Trump betrayed his oath and our nation on live TV.  The Republican party stumbled and fumbled around over the weekend trying to concoct a defense of Trump’s horrible week, but they failed miserably.  Every Republican knows that Trump committed several reprehensible and impeachable acts, any of which would have sent the Republicans into a frenzy of impeachment demands were Obama still the president.  Yet they still refuse to go against him in public even though many of them hate Trump and bad-mouth him behind closed doors.  They’ve sold their principles and their souls for judges and tax breaks for the wealthy, and they don’t want to jeopardize their power.  

It’s clear by his actions, words and responses that Trump lacks basic human empathy.  He cannot be shamed into changing course.  But there are still Republican politicians in Congress who have a sense of shame, and whose constituencies back home are not thoroughly heartless and craven.  These are the people the Democrats and the resistance cannot leave alone.  We have to continue to hammer home that fact that Trump is crooked, he’s unAmerican and he doesn’t belong in the Oval Office.  We have to let these politicians know that we will not forgive and we will not forget.  Do any of them care about their legacies?  Do they understand how they will be seen by history?  It’s bad enough that they coddle and protect a corrupt, criminal president. But it’s horrible that (at least) four years will have passed with no progress–in fact backsliding–on climate change.  A climate scientist this weekend was fearing that there may be enough carbon and methane already in the atmosphere to ensure an spiraling and self-reinforcing heating trend that NO AMOUNT of human interdiction (using any known human technology) can reverse.  These are the stakes, and we can’t let the Republicans off the hook.  We have to treat impeachment like a marathon of recrimination, not a sprint.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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