Yesterday was another insane day in national politics.  Here are the main things you need to know:

1) On the White House lawn, in front of cameras, Trump acknowledged that he wanted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

2) On camera, Trump also asked China to investigate the Bidens, which a former Federal prosecutor said was likely a criminal act.

3) Trump officials in August wrote and presented a statement to the Ukrainian President for him to sign and release as his own acknowledging an inquiry into the Bidens.  He never released it.

4) Nervous Trump officials texted each other about the propriety of helping Trump use the power of the state to force Ukraine to attack the Bidens.

5) Those same texts suggest that American assistance to Ukraine was conditioned on investigating the Bidens–there WAS a quid pro quo.

6) On a June call with China’s Xi, Trump said he would stay quiet on Hong Kong as the trade talks with China progressed.  In other words, he would trash our commitment to democracy and human rights for a (bogus) trade win.

Many in the media were shocked and outraged at Trump’s brazen corruption and betrayal of our nation’s norms, ideals and laws. But Trump has been using a familiar playbook. When accused of wrongdoing, admit the offense and repeat it in front of cameras to pretend that anything done out in the open can’t possibly be wrong or illegal. Trump and the Republicans have gone from “Trump never coerced Ukraine” to “coercing Ukraine to help Trump win an election is fine.”

There may be no law Trump could break that would ever prompt shameless Republican politicians to denounce him, but he has clearly violated his oath of office and subverted the law and the constitution for his personal benefit.  Democrats must proceed asap to impeach Trump and send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.  They must also hold to account all members of Trump’s administration who conspired with him to obstruct Congress and break laws.

A rally is being held in Kingston today at Noon to protest Trump’s assault on our elections.  “Guard The Vote” is being sponsored by Indivisible Ulster and is taking place at 516 Broadway.

I’ve decided to scale back my blog posts from 7 to 5 days a week, taking weekends off to rest and recharge my batteries.  I’ll post again on Monday.  Have a good weekend.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”



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