As predicted, Trump’s anger and desperation continued to elevate yesterday.  He started the day with a long and rambling tweet-storm including a number of attacks on House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff, and described the impeachment inquiry in all-caps as BULLSHIT.  Later at a news conference Trump was dogged by questions about the Ukraine and the Bidens and lost his cool, dragging out his usual boogeymen targets like the Fake News and Crooked Journalists, adding that Adam Schiff “couldn’t carry Pompeo’s blank strap,” meaning jock strap.  It was yet another undignified low point in Trump’s soiling of the presidency.

Against this scandalous backdrop, Republican groups have recently upped their social media profile in our Congressional District, attacking Rep Antonio Delgado on Twitter.  Their attacks have been predicable, accusing Delgado of echoing Speaker Pelosi’s talking points, working with socialists, and working on the “witch hunt” impeachment to the exclusion of anything else.  The NRCC even invited “angry” farmers to go to a Delgado event and urge him to work on local issues despite the fact that Delgado wrote and passed the Family Farm Relief Act and the Young Farmer Success Act. 

If Trumpublican PACs and Committees are going to attack Rep Delgado on farming issues they are going to lose.  Just yesterday Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue warned farmers in Wisconsin that the family farm may be doomed, mostly because the Trump regime and Republicans won’t do anything to help.  In other words, “the big get bigger” and the rest of you can go hang.  Here’s reporting from CBS news:

Trump has nearly destroyed America’s soybean farmers with his incompetent and disastrous tariffs, and his party has done little to stop him.  For the GOP to pretend to care about farmers is almost laughable. They pay a lot of lip service to farmers but their destructive actions paint the opposite picture.  They are willing to allow farmers to go bankrupt to achieve other goals.  When GOP groups from outside our area lob in lame tweets attacking Delgado, especially on ag policy, they are always challenged by various local activists, and they are rarely defended by local Republicans.  But once the GOP primary concludes in 2020 and a challenger to Rep Delgado is chosen the playing field will change dramatically and we need to be prepared for the fray with facts.  Rep Delgado has been a tireless advocate for the farmers in our district and we can’t let GOP lies obscure this important fact.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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