Trump continued to rage on Twitter yesterday, calling the House’s impeachment inquiry a “coup” and asking why Chairman Adam Schiff hasn’t been brought up on charges for being “dishonest.”  If dishonesty while in office were illegal, pathological liar Trump would have been indicted on Day 1 of his presidency.  And if impeachment qualifies as a coup, then so does the Electoral College, which allowed a sleazy huckster like Trump to “win” the presidency with three-million fewer actual votes than Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous and profoundly unAmerican.  Even some Republican lawmakers have criticized him for it of late, even while they continue to stand with him.  But Trump’s desperation is noticeable.  He will clearly stoop to any level to get re-elected, and this simple fact is horrifying, especially when those around him support and enable his corruption.

Trump’s words have already been cited by mass murderers as inspiring.  And now hate groups like the Oath Keepers (who supported John Faso) are echoing the same post that Trump re-tweeted suggesting that if he’s impeached it could mean civil war.  It was reported yesterday that Trump, in private, wondered if the border wall could have spikes or a moat with snakes and alligators or be electrified.  Television cable pundits wondered why he didn’t just want to make the concrete wall, but they missed the point.  The wall has always been a symbol of cruelty and sadism towards non-whites.  Snakes and electrocution signal to Trump’s supporters that he remains committed to the cruelty and hatred they demand. Trump, after all, is a symptom of a large fraction of Americans who have been taught for several decades by Fox and Limbaugh and Beck to blame all of their problems and anxieties and insecurities on others, especially non-whites and liberals.  Republicans have become the party of resentment.

An excellent article was published in Foreign Policy by Roberto Stefan Foa and Jonathan Wilmot about the resentment that’s fueling nationalism in many western countries.  They say:

Changes in the global economy have spatially sorted voters into progressive urbanites with a large stake in a new technological future, globalization, and liberal values, and the left-behind who see their own identity and economic prospects threatened as never before. Rural areas and small towns may have always been more culturally conservative, but this divide, combined with the resentment generated by economic and wealth inequality, has triggered the most prominent recent political explosions across the West.

Link to entire article:

Much of the anxiety felt by rural Trump voters was tied to cultural changes that had little to do with economics.  After all, many Trump voters were upper-middle class or higher.  Changes like the acceptance of LGTBQ people, the rising profile of minorities, the success of women in the workplace, and the ascent of technology, were highlighted and demonized by Fox and hate radio, deepening a sense of anxiety and resentment among people outside urban centers.  Until we fully face and acknowledge this fact, it will be impossible for our divided nation to heal.  But I remain convinced that the majority of citizens in our nation are good-willed and don’t want violence or chaos.  It’s always a smaller number of bad apples that spoil the whole bunch.  But it’s also distressingly true that Trump’s cult includes a lot of bad apples.  

More impeachment revelations will come to light soon and Trump will feel increasingly cornered.  As he lashes out, so will some of his followers, so we have to be wary during this particularly dark and perilous process.  If Trump had his way he would make himself a dictator, and that’s a truly depressing reality to confront for anyone who cares about this country.  We have to continue to resist his corrupt reign and keep working to “vote his ass out office.”

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