In predictable fashion, Trump lashed out yesterday on Twitter.  If tweets could scream, his certainly did, starting the day with new incendiary lies about the Democrats.  He called Nadler, Schiff, AOC and others “savages” and began referring to Democrats as “do nothing”.  Using language like “savages” is straight from the Dictator’s Handbook, intentionally designed to dehumanize his targets and inflame his followers to violence.  It also fits with his time-worn habit of insulting opponents with denigrating nick-names like “low energy,” “low IQ,” “sleepy,” “little,” and “lyin.” He makes himself–and his cult–feel bigger by making enemies sound smaller.

And then there’s the “do nothing” lie.  Democrats have passed over 250 bills in the House that have mostly died in the Senate.  If there was ever a “do nothing” politician in Congress, it’s Mitch McConnell.  Democrats have proven themselves busy and productive, passing legislation AND holding hearings to attempt oversight of the most corrupt president in modern history while lickspittle McConnell won’t bring most of the House bills to the Senate because the popular bills will be voted down by Republicans, making them look bad.

Trump also repeated his “how can they impeach me when…” list of fake accomplishments, which sparked a flood of social media mockery like this from the Washington Post’s fact checker Glenn Kessler:

Trump went on to blather about how his Ukraine call was twisted by Congress and the media, and finished his day re-tweeting dozens of posts from RNC Research* with typically biased headlines like “Nobody Was Pushed, There Was No Pressure” and “Whistleblower’s account is all ‘second’ and ‘third hand’ information.”  He’s using the same defense playbook he used against the Mueller prob and it’s as bogus as it is predictable.

The Trump/GOP talking points on the Ukraine call are becoming clear.

“The whistleblower’s charges were all hearsay.”  Doesn’t matter because the call summary provided by the White House showed Trump asking the Ukrainian president to investigate a political rival.  It was a betrayal of our nation, a possible crime, and a very impeachable act.

“There was no quid pro quo.”  Doesn’t matter.  Trump asked a foreign power to find dirt on a political rival.  That alone is bad.  And even though he may not have said the words “in exchange for our aid” that might still have been the understanding between them based on prior contacts and conversations with Trump’s people, including Rudy Giuliani.  That is exactly how mobsters used to try to evade arrest, by speaking in code, or implying things that were never explicitly stated but clearly understood. Trump has always admired and emulated mobsters.

“There was nothing to that phone call.”  After the Mueller report it should be clear to everyone that colluding (actively working) with a foreign power (Ukraine) to sway an election (getting dirt on a rival) is unlawful, unethical, and an abuse of power.

Trump and the corrupt GOP are running scared and pushing weak, disingenuous talking points to defend an act that would collapse any other presidency.  And there may be more bad acts coming to light soon, including the actual contents of Trump’s calls with Russia and the Saudis.  We can’t let them get away with their garbage arguments, and we must continue to demand that the House investigations move forward and get the facts and corroborating witnesses they need to understand exactly what Trump said and when he said it.

Keep in mind that the call summary of Trump’s Ukraine conversation is a summary put together by the White House.  We still don’t know what he really said.  Until the actual transcript is released, we should assume that some dirt remains hidden from us.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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