Yesterday was historic.

First, Rep Anthony Delgado finally endorsed the impeachment of Donald Trump.  In light of the expanding Ukraine scandal, Rep Delgado released a statement that included this language:

The President has admitted to soliciting the Ukrainian president to investigate a political rival.  In doing so, the President used the power of the presidency to pressure a foreign government to help him win an election.  This, by itself, is an impeachable offense.

Despite Trump’s many scandals and ethical transgressions, supporting impeachment must have been a difficult decision for Delgado.  New York 19 is a truly purple district, almost evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.  Delgado has thus far spent his time in Congress listening to the district and working on issues critical to our neighbors and local businesses.  He’s been focused almost solely on policy, and has spent little time attacking Donald Trump.  Supporting impeachment is a risk, it’s an unknown, and yet it’s important and laudable that Delgado stuck his neck out to protect the rule of law and the Constitution.  It’s unclear what political price or prize, if any, the Democrats will accrue by impeaching Trump, but it’s crystal clear that Trump has betrayed his oath of office and proven he’s unfit for office.  Thank you, Rep Delgado!

Second, Nancy Pelosi finally announced that she was moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry, emboldened in part by so many swing-state Democrats now supporting impeachment.  It will be only the third impeachment inquiry in our nation’s history.  Pelosi has empowered six House committees to help develop articles of impeachment which will certainly include Trump’s admitted abuse of power with the Ukraine but could also include obstruction from the Mueller report, campaign finance fraud from the Michael Cohen verdict, and myriad emoluments violations.  The process will move as fast as the committees can gather their evidence.

Third, the Senate gave their unanimous consent to a resolution demanding that the Trump administration turn over to Congress the now-infamous whistleblower complaint, in full.  Trump had been claiming that he was going to release a redacted transcript of his call with the Ukraine president today, but transcripts can be altered or edited in ways that shade the truth. And it’s been reported that the whistleblower was concerned with more than just the one phone call, so a redacted transcript of that call is not enough.  The entire complaint must be forwarded to Congress.

Let’s be clear about one thing.  No matter what the transcript says, no matter what the whistleblower discloses, Trump has already admitted on TV that he asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden, and Giuliani confirmed it.  That alone is enough for impeachment, and the transcript or recording or witness testimony or whistleblower complaint will only serve as possible corroboration of what Trump has already admitted.

We can only imagine how Trump will respond under so much pressure and with so many scandals to manage.  Activists need to be ready to mobilize on short notice.  If Trump or his goon squad try any dirty tricks or illegal power plays, we have to be ready to take to the streets.  The next thirteen months will be a major test of our Democracy.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office”.

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