Trump’s Ukraine scandal continued to evolve yesterday.  Two important things happened late in the day that you need to know about.

It came to light last night that Trump asked his Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to withhold almost $400 million in aid to the Ukraine days before the now-notorious phonecall where Trump asked the Ukrainian president eight times to get dirt on Joe Biden and family.  The timing of Trump’s request to Mulvaney couldn’t be more damning, especially since Trump himself has openly admitted discussing Biden on that call, corroborated by statements by Rudy Giuliani.  The picture is very clear and simple. Trump withheld aid to the Ukraine to pressure them to dig up (or fabricate?) dirt on his political rival, Joe Biden and his family.  This is a form of bribery.

In the wake of this latest Mulvaney disclosure, it was reported that Nancy Pelosi has been polling her House caucus in anticipation of possibly moving toward an impeachment inquiry.  At the same time, more House Democrats joined the call for impeachment, including seven freshman Reps from swing states who wrote an op-ed in last night’s Washington Post explaining their decision:

Sadly, even though calls for impeachment are growing and seven frosh Dems facing tough re-elections have declared their support, our own Rep Antonio Delgado has yet to join them.  Will he be among the last, or will he never go there?  Does he feel a fundamental duty to enforce the law and protect the Constitution, or is everything secondary to a political calculation?  The House Democratic Caucus will meet tomorrow afternoon presumably to discuss this very point.  Once again, it’s time to let Rep Delgado know how you feel about this issue.

The president and his lawyer admitted in public that they essentially blackmailed a foreign country to help them try to damage an American political rival.  UnAmerican, unacceptable, and thoroughly impeachable.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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