In the wake of the still-evolving whistleblower scandal that has engulfed Trump and his legal goon squad, Joe Biden lashed out yesterday describing as an “overwhelming abuse of power” the president’s demand that Ukraine investigate Biden.  Trump railed on Twitter at all his usual enemies, including the “fake” news media, the Democrats, the “deep state”, and others–though he never denied the Ukraine allegations.  Social media also continued to focus its fury on Trump’s latest potential crime as angry calls for impeachment hit a fever pitch. David Rothkopf tweeted:

The yes-we-are no-we-are-not two faced dance of Dem leaders makes them look weak and hypocritical and by extension weakens the case against the president. It also looks like what it is–self-interested desire to preserve their own jobs at the expense of the country.  I’m starting to think the divide in the Dem Party is not so much between progressives and centrists as it is between those who understand this moment and those who do not, those who are of this era and those who are not, those ready to lead into the 20s and those who are not.

Impeachment will turn ON a lot more liberal voters than it will anger conservatives.  Republican voters are already inflamed and motivated. Centrist voters may have been turned off by impeachment in the ’70s or ’80s because it seemed too partisan, but EVERYTHING these days is partisan. The big risk is in turning OFF Progressives and Democrats who feel betrayed by a lack of LEADERSHIP.  Garry Kasparov tweeted:

The big Dem win in 2018, the wave that made Pelosi Speaker again, was based on needing a force to push back against Trump & defend the rule of law. Instead, it’s cowardly politics as usual, granting Trump impunity for his crimes. People didn’t come out to vote in the midterms hoping that the Democratic leadership would tweet more angrily about Trump’s abuses of power. This is a fight for American democracy and one side is surrendering. The fantasy that any Democrat will easily beat Trump in 2020, and that this will make everything better, ignores the help he got last time and how much more power he has today in comparison.

If anyone understands how authoritarians work, it’s Chess-master Kasparov, who grew up in the Soviet Union.  And he makes a great point.  The 2018 Blue Wave happened in large part because voters were desperate for someone to hold a lawless and corrupt president accountable.  Impeaching Trump for blatant violations of his oath is the only way the House can hold him accountable, regardless of the outcome. Anything less amounts to a broken promise and a betrayal of our Constitution. Florida’s Pam Keith tweeted:

FACTS: Nancy has NO plan. There is no 3D chess.  There is no shoe to drop. She has no idea what she’s doing. She is more concerned about upsetting Repubs than upholding the law. She fears failure FAR MORE than she hungers for success. She is the WRONG PERSON to defend this nation.

It’s starting to look like Pam Keith is right.  Pelosi has been immersed in a political calculation that sets principles and values aside when instead she should have been fighting for the rule of law with the same passion and anger felt by her supporters.  Mimi Rocah tweeted:

Many of us have had faith in you @SpeakerPelosi. You are a smart, strong, stragic woman & politician. But time is up. We are out of patience & trust. The house is about to burn to the ground & you’re in charge of the fire dept. Let’s go.

Trump has defecated all over his oath of office again, in plain view.  The time for Impeachment is NOW.  Democratic politicians can still talk about healthcare and paths to citizenship and reducing inequality and student debt relief.  But there is no longer any excuse not to expressly support an impeachment inquiry.  Rep Antonio Delgado tweeted:

Reports of the President using his position to leverage punishment on a political rival and again encouraging foreign interference in our elections is incredibly alarming. Congress must see the complaint and investigate to the fullest extent of the law.

This was a good start but it didn’t go far enough.  The investigation Delgado called for has a name.  It’s called an Impeachment Inquiry.  It’s the only remedy our nation has when a president breaks the law and/or violates the oath of office. This isn’t the time for moderation or diplomatic phrasing. This is the time for action. This is the time to explicitly endorse an Impeachment Inquiry.  Upholding the law and holding perpetrators to account is the best way to serve ALL Americans because our laws are the backbone of Democracy.  As the inscription on the New York State courthouse reminds us, “The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government.” Otherwise we should heed the tweet of Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut:

Don’t get creative. Don’t look for new, interesting angles. This one is as simple as it gets.  If an American president gets away with bullying foreign counties to do his political bidding then we should just give up and accept our new banana republic.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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