The whistleblower scandal continued yesterday as we learned that Trump implored the Ukranian president to investigate Joe Biden eight separate times in a single phone call.  Congress had already authorized $250 million in aid for the Ukraine but it was being held up by Trump when the phone conversation occurred, so even if there was no explicit quid pro quo, Trump’s demands likely rose to the level of soliciting a bribe.  He wasn’t asking Ukraine for justice, he was asking them to help his re-election campaign by investigating Biden, a request he reinforced by sending his stooge Rudy Giuliani to the Ukraine to continue the pressure.

In the aftermath of the Mueller probe, Trump can’t claim ignorance of the law.  He knows that soliciting campaign help from a foreign government is illegal.  And Congress certainly understands that it’s an unethical abuse of power.

But Nancy Pelosi deserves some blame here.  By ignoring the crimes detailed in the Mueller report and refusing to support impeachment, Pelosi taught Trump that he can break the rules and face no consequences, so he will continue to break the rules, especially when he knows that if he loses in 2020 and is forced to step down, he could face criminal charges of felony campaign finance fraud for his payoff to Stormy Daniels–among other potential criminal liabilities.

Also, where is the outrage?  Where is the press conference with Pelosi or Schumer raging at Trump for using his stooge Bill Barr to illegally block a legitimate whistleblower?  Where is the outrage at sending personal attorney Rudy Giuliani–Trump’s half as smart and twice as unstable Roy Cohn–to push Ukraine to investigate a political rival?  One thing is clear to this writer–Democratic voters are outraged and horrified by this criminal White House and are out of patience for their leaders to reflect the same level of concern.

The Democratic leadership will say they don’t want to anger Conservatives but Conservatives are already angry thanks to decades of hatemongering and fearmongering from Fox Infotainment and AM hate radio.  Instead, Democratic leadership ends up angering and alienating Progressive voters by their timidity and inaction in the face of historic corruption and presidential criminality.  Trump won in 2016 by motivating his base and ignoring the center.  The Democrats have a larger base, and can win by energizing them without ever converting any die-hard Trumpers.  But they continue to reject this fact, operating as if some fickle center still exists who will reject them if they move toward impeachment–a fantasy contradicted by reams of analysis, data and polls. The Dems also betray their values and principles by failing to act, destroying their credibility and pulling them down to Trump’s gutter level.

If Trump’s actions don’t merit impeachment, nothing ever will.  His crimes have been blatant and numerous.  Everybody knows he won’t be removed from office by impeachment but the public process will validate the outrage and anxiety of progressives, shine a light on the dark corners of a criminal White House, and inform future generations that at least one party upheld the rule of law and didn’t succumb to a corrupt cult of personality.

Meanwhile, future generations were out in force yesterday protesting inaction on Climate Change. Millions of people around the globe came out to push for greater urgency and action, led by extraordinary teen Greta Thunberg.  Several hundred thousand people took to the streets in New York City, and many actions took place in our area, including Hudson, Rhinebeck, Kingston, New Paltz and Poughkeepsie.  The most important action we can take in the United States to combat global warming is to remove Trump and the climate-denying Republicans from power in 2020.

People will be out in force again today in Washington and nearby in Kingston for the We The People March to remind Congress (especially Nancy Pelosi) that elected Reps work for us, and that the Trump regime’s actions are unacceptable and unAmerican.  Info about the DC march here:

The Kingston rally takes place at noon at the Kingston Academy Green, 238 Clinton Avenue.  More info here:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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