The most important development yesterday was the re-emergence of the Brett Kavanaugh scandal.  New reporting from the New York Times on Saturday revealed that the previously reported allegations of sexual misconduct while Kavanaugh was at Yale were be corroborated by many people, and were disclosed to people by the victim long before Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, it was being reported that the FBI was made aware of many possible witnesses to interview to corroborate that particular allegation but they failed to interview them or pursue the allegation, possibly because they were inappropriately influenced by partisan political operatives.

The story mushroomed on Sunday with many politicians and pundits outraged that the Kavanaugh allegations were seemingly swept under the rug and calling for his impeachment and an investigation of the process that Senate Republicans ran to speed Kavanaugh through the confirmation process.  Now that the court has become so partisan, activist, and willing to reject generations of legal precedent in favor of a radical and unpopular cultural agenda disguised as conservative legal theory, many are galled that Republicans were able to place such an unsuitable and unfit man on the court.  They are also rightly angry that the Kavanaugh debacle happened in the shadow of the seat that Mitch McConnell stole from President Obama.

It’s certainly possible that Democrats in the House will pursue impeachment hearings against Kavanaugh, though they would be wise to hold an investigation that takes the proceedings past the 2020 election in case they can flip the Senate and have a chance to actually remove Kavanaugh.  As outraged as it might make conservatives, removing him by impeachment would be far less dirty and unethical than the garbage McConnell pulled, assuming that the allegations are as solid as the Times reporting makes them seem.

Another big story yesterday was the bombing of several Saudi oil refineries.  It’s possible that the disruption of oil, which has already pushed up the cost of crude and pushed down stock futures, will also hurt today’s stock market.  Stay tuned.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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