Over the past few days Trump has been embroiled a storm of scandals that continue to dominate the news cycle–joined by a new scandal seemingly every hour.  From altering a Hurricane forecast with a Sharpie, to calling a private citizen “filthy-mouthed”, to directing his Vice President and military members to spend taxpayer money at his properties even when inconvenient, to his Secretary of Labor threatening to fire people whose weather forecasts contradict the statements of Dear Leader–all of this chaos and lunacy obscures the fact that we are still separating children at the border and destroying families while betraying our national values and enriching private prison oligarchs.  This chaos obscures the fact that we keep learning about more possible tax malfeasance by Trump and his family.  This chaos obscures the fact that a CIA asset had to be smuggled out of Russia because the CIA couldn’t trust Trump to safeguard our spy secrets.  This chaos obscures the fact that Trump’s trade war continues to devastate our farming families with no end or meaningful relief in sight.  Keep your eye on these stories if you can.

This week the House Judiciary Committee will consider formalizing an (already underway) impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.  They will have an extraordinary list of potential crimes and misdemeanors to choose from.  The ten allegations of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report.  The as-yet un-indicted felony election fraud charges from the Michael Cohen case.  Trump’s offer to pardon officials who break the law while working to expedite his border wall.  Trump’s funneling of federal and military business to his various resort properties.  Trump’s diversion of Congressional funds meant to help the Ukraine into a bribery scheme to force Ukraine to help his re-election by bringing charges against his rivals, including Joe Biden.  And on and on.  Keep your eye on how this impeachment saga develops, and how Trump responds to it.

Today is the special election in North Carolina brought about by an election invalidated by massive electoral fraud perpetrated by a Republican.  It will be an important gauge of the political winds.  Democrat Dan McCready is polling even with Republican Dan Bishop in a district that hasn’t elected a Democrat since 1963.  Keep your eye on this race. 

Another thing to be aware of is the looming budget fight.  The House and Senate have until Sept 30 to work out appropriations for the federal budget, or pass a continuing resolution.  A lot needs to happen in the Senate before this can happen, otherwise there could be another government shutdown.  Is Moscow Mitch really that stupid?  Here’s a good overview from Li Zhou in Vox:


And finally, a Democrat has emerged in Georgia to challenge Senate Republican David “Do Nothing” Perdue.  Jon Ossoff, who famously ran for Congress in Georgia in a special election in 2017 and narrowly lost, drawing the ire of Donald Trump, will now run for the Senate against Purdue.  It should be a fascinating race in a state whose demographics are changing rapidly.

Keep your eye on Trump’s scandals and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.

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