It’s been a crazy week thus far, and it’s only Thursday morning.

  • Hurricane Dorian crushed the Bahamas, creating a humanitarian emergency, and is now threatening the North Carolina coast.
  • Trump used a weather map crudely altered with a sharpie to argue that a statement he recently made about the path of Hurricane Dorian wasn’t embarrassingly wrong, which only made him look more dishonest and/or demented–and altering a government document was technically illegal.
  • Trump rolled back Obama-era requirements for energy efficient light bulbs, which will cause a significant increase in energy demand and carbon pollution.
  • England is in a state of political turmoil as new Prime Minister Boris Johnson was humiliated by Parliament, losing a crucial vote on a “no-deal Brexit” that has now thrown the entire process up in the air.
  • Ohio passed a reprehensible bill that would bail out two nuclear power plants and two coal plants while also gutting renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, removing all incentives for Ohio residents to use less energy.
  • Trump intends to pay for his border wall by pulling 3.6 billion dollars from the military and defense budget including programs for military schools and daycare, road maintenance, hazardous material warehouses, and 95 million dollars from West Point’s engineering center construction–outraging many elected officials.
  • The US and China announced last night that trade talks will resume in October, which buoyed overseas markets and US pre-markets but rested on the dubious assumption that Trump isn’t a thoroughly incompetent negotiator.
  • In a victory for democracy, a three-judge panel unanimously threw out North Carolina’s legislative maps, saying they were clearly gerrymandered in an unConstitutionally partisan manner.
  • The Democratic primary contenders had a CNN climate town hall last night.  You can see highlights here:

Fascists, authoritarians, and dictators create turmoil and chaos to exhaust and demoralize their opposition.  It’s just too difficult to keep your arms around so many horrifying and norm-busting actions.  We can’t let ourselves get too exhausted or dispirited in our fight to save democracy from Trumpism and restore some sense of sanity, competence and dignity to the White House.  Conservative pundit Ana Navarro said it best on Twitter yesterday:

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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