A bombshell news item was reported last night on MSNBC.  Lawrence O’Donnell said one of their sources was insisting that the massive and inexplicable loans from Deutsche Bank to Donald Trump had co-signors (because Trump himself wasn’t creditworthy) and those co-signors were…Russian oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin.  This reporting hasn’t been confirmed, but if true would be an absolutely devastating revelation, proving that Trump was beholden to citizens of a hostile foreign power, and would explain his unAmerican fealty to Russia.  Whether or not it is technically illegal, and whether or not he hid it from other loan applications, it would be another huge scandal and rationale for impeachment.  Keep your eye on this story.

Also, two stories broke yesterday concerning Trump’s outrageous profiteering from his office.  First, Trump’s Attorney General William Barr booked a $30K party at the Trump Hotel despite the horrible optics (corruption) and the fact that there are a zillion other (better) places to throw a party in Washington.  Second, Trump suggested that next year’s G-7 meeting, to be held in the United States, should be held at the Trump Doral Golf resort–which has been doing poorly since Trump took office.  Keep in mind that the Doral is a mediocre corporate resort in the middle of an office park rather than the typical high-level international destination that usually caters to heads of state.

Ryan Cooper published a great story in The Week yesterday about the money Trump is raking in while occupying the White House, titled “Donald Trump is picking your pocket.”  He notes:

Trump has constantly funneled the White House budget into his own pockets. He has stayed at his own hotels on overseas presidential trips, charged the Secret Service through the nose for protecting him at his golf courses, conducted government business at his own properties, and much more. A report from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington way back in January 2018 found over 500 blatant conflicts of interests in the Trump administration.

Here’s a link:


Cooper gives a good overview of what the Constitution prohibits a president from doing, and it’s a pretty clear case that Trump is in violation.

Some of yesterday’s cable news coverage also focused on Trump’s deteriorating mental condition reflected in his comments to the press at the G7 meeting.  Trump lied about so many things in such bizarre fashion that even Republicans were scratching their heads and wondering behind closed doors what was wrong with Donald.

He lied about Melania being friends with Kim Jong Un.  He lied about receiving calls from China to negotiate a trade deal.  And he lied about having a new trade deal with Japan.  What the heck?

From the beginning of his presidency Trump has been accused of being crazy or at least unstable, often by members of his own cabinet.  Rumors circulate regularly of screaming tantrums in the White House.  And psychologists have surfaced to warn us of what they see as symptoms of malignant narcissism, dementia and other troubling conditions. Maybe he is deteriorating, or maybe he’s crazy like a fox.  Maybe he’s so scared of his personal finances going public that he’s cracking.  Regardless, his presence in the White House has been a disaster for our nation, and keeps getting worse.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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