At the G-7 meeting in France yesterday Trump was the only leader to miss the crucial meeting on climate change and the Amazon fires.  He later gave a rambling talk to the press full of lies and distortions, including the bizarre claim that Melania had become good friends with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  The White House later confirmed that she’s never met Kim.  Trump is simply an epic and continual embarrassment.

The G-7’s concern over climate should be all of our concern.  It’s becoming clear that an area of Amazon Rainforest twice the size of France has already burned and won’t grow back for decades, maybe even centuries–a horrifying fact.  Meanwhile Republicans and their propaganda outlets (Fox) continue to deny the concrete science of global warming as the planet slowly cooks.

Much has been made in recent months of the “Green New Deal” proposed by a group of House Democrats including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  As this blog has detailed in the past, the Green New Deal is an aggressive set of goals and aspirations to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and transform our economy through renewable energy and the jobs that come with it. The plan incorporates a broad set of policies including controversial items like a living-wage job for all Americans and health care for all. Conservatives love to attack the Green New Deal as a form of communism or socialism or whatever attack-label-of-the-week Fox news is pushing, and they love to note that it is co-sponsored by AOC, one of their main targets for demonization.  After all, she’s a capable, confident woman who describes herself as a Democratic Socialist so of course conservatives are going to smear her just like they’ve smeared every other female Democratic politician.  But our own House Rep Antonio Delgado has not signed onto the Green New Deal.

Instead, Delgado wrote and introduced his own bill, HR 4148, the Green Jobs and Opportunity Act.  It’s more focused and targeted on jobs and training than the Green New Deal and doesn’t address healthcare nor some of the other broad goals the GND contains.  Here is a link to the text of Delgado’s bill:

It’s entirely possible that HR-4148 could become one of many bills that will need to be passed to implement the Green New Deal over time.  Or it could simply work as a standalone bill to retool and retrain our workforce to speed renewable energy technology and jobs.  Either way, the bill acknowledges the grave emergency we face due to man-made global warming.  On the issue of climate change, as with the issue of impeachment, Delgado seems to be staying in the center rather than moving with Reps like AOC to the left.  He stays away from broad New-Deal initiatives like a living-wage job for all and Medicare for all in favor of more moderate proposals like a Medicare buy-in.  That’s what he feels he needs to do to serve his district and get re-elected, and it doesn’t make much sense to begrudge him this strategy.  He works his butt off meeting and listening to the residents of NY-19 and his policies and goals will be far, far better than any Republican who ever runs against him.  If Medicare-for-all or single payer were ever in a position to become law, it’s hard to imagine Delgado not voting “yes”.  But if the best we can do, assuming we can re-take the White House and the Senate, is to approve a Medicare buy-in, it will be a huge improvement for millions and millions of our fellow citizens.

Trump and the corrupt GOP continue to fiddle while our planet burns.  Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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