Yesterday was just another typical day of Trump insanity.  Trump tweeted quotes from a lunatic superfan who described him as “the second coming of God”.  Trump went on to accuse Jews who vote for Democrats of being either ignorant or disloyal to Israel–an antisemitic trope historically used to otherize citizens who happen to be Jewish.  His administration also unveiled a plan to override the law on immigrant detentions, planning to ignore the requirement of a twenty-day maximum detention in favor or indefinite detention–a concept our nation has, since its founding, vehemently rejected. The Trump regime under shadow-president Stephen Miller is continuing its war on immigration because Miller believes the Trump cult hates immigrants and desires that immigrants be treated with disdain and maximum cruelty.

Finally, Trump had a spat with the Danish Prime Minister, cancelling a trip to Denmark because the PM described Trump’s desire to buy Greenland as absurd.  Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution published an opinion piece in The Atlantic about this Denmark debacle that put the situation in proper perspective.  We must acknowledge that Trump’s established pattern is clear and unambiguous—he wants to reject our allies and work alongside dictators and authoritarians.

The cancellation of Trump’s visit to Denmark is part of a disturbing pattern. Trump regularly beats up on and abuses America’s closest democratic allies while being sycophantic to autocrats.

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Trump’s betrayal of our alliances and values–hard-won through countless wars and the sacrifice of millions–is crystal clear.  Trump would rather belong to a nefarious fraternity of brutal strongmen, which gives him an inflated sense of his own importance and power, than preserve beneficial, long-standing alliances that keep our republic safe and secure.  And his followers don’t care because he is the first powerful public figure to give them permission to hate and discriminate without shame.

But his cult isn’t big enough to elect him to a second term.  He will need to attract independents and he will also need a low Democratic turnout.  Thus far, Democrats are fired up and independents are moving away from Trump.  Just yesterday a new CNN poll showed his approval rating slipped to 40% from 43%, where it had been for months.  The shaky economy was cited as part of the reason, and his brutal trade policies have also been getting a lot of negative press recently, with disgruntled farmers taking to the airwaves to complain that Trump’s tariffs are bankrupting them.  At this rate, only the most hard-core Trump cultists will be left in his camp by the 2020 election.

Our job is to get liberals, progressives and Democrats to the polls.  Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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