Apparently there are at least three Republican challengers for Antonio Delgado’s House seat thus far in NY 19.  Two of the challengers probably didn’t get much coverage because they appear to be, well, on the fringe.  They are Ola Hawatmeh and Mike Roth.  The third and most recent is Anthony German.  They were all just profiled in Chronogram, and here is a link to the article:

Hawatmeh and Roth both appear to be extreme-right candidates who spew a lot of empty rhetoric.  It’s harder to know just how extreme German is but we will find out soon enough.  A Republican primary will provide a lot of scrutiny and it will give the Republicans plenty of room to pick each other apart and spend some money before a nominee is chosen, which will work in Delgado’s favor, but we will also need to keep Delgado in the spotlight as much as possible during the primary process, which can tend to overshadow the incumbent.

Congressman Delgado is holding another town hall event at 6:30pm on Tuesday, August 20th, in Broome County, in case you are interested.  He’s doing a great job of spending time in the counties that have traditionally been overlooked and under-served and listening to their concerns.  Here’s a link to details:

Lunatic Congressman Steve King of Iowa, who recently mused that civilization would not exist but for rape and incest, held a town hall this weekend in Iowa and two people showed up–probably reporters.  It was laughable, and it was a reminder of the rally that Trump held two days ago in New Hampshire, where he claimed to have broken attendance records even though pictures were circling on social media showing plenty of empty seats in the balcony.  These episodes are propelling the Twitter hashtag “#EmptySeatMAGATour” to the top of the trending list as resistors attack one of Trump’s most sensitive topics–crowd size.  Small hands, small crowds?

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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