A slew of polls were released this week and none of them were good news for Trump.  In head-to-head matchups with any of the top Democratic primary candidates he consistently garnered only 38 to 39% support, which is pretty dismal.  And this has been his exact support level in past polls, too.  Pundits were remarking that his base of support is strong and consistent but not enough to carry him to victory–though we have yet to see robust polling in the key battleground states where the margins will really matter.  It’s also wise to assume that some voters won’t admit to pollsters that they are planning on voting for Trump, perhaps as a strategy, or out of shame.  But these poll numbers were encouraging.

Political observers seem to be increasingly sensing that the public is suffering from Trump fatigue–and why wouldn’t we be?  Even Republicans are growing tired of all the drama and discord.  Trump’s presidency has been an all-out, non-stop assault on our norms and institutions; a string of outrageous scandals and acts of criminality; and a torrent of smears and vile statements that would have brought down any other president.  His Klan rallies have become whine-a-thons delivered in an aggrieved tone so caustic they are impossible for any non-cultist to suffer through.  The moment I hear his screeching, ridiculous voice I have to change the channel.

But eventually activists will need to redouble their efforts.  The Resistance kicked into full gear in the beginning of 2017 and activists threw themselves into organizing and action, in part simply as an outlet for the horror and anxiety they suffered under a lying, vengeful, destructive con-man in the White House.  A lot of effort went into registering voters, door knocking and getting voters to the polls, and in 2018 our efforts paid off in the Midterms.  Since then, the Resistance has taken something of a collective breather, which we needed.  We can’t be effective activists if we are overextended or burned out.  So we need to save our strength until the time is right to re-enter the fray because the most important fights are still ahead of us.

The two most significant moments will arrive in mid-2020: when the Republicans pick a NY-19 nominee in June to run against Delgado (assuming there will be a Republican primary), and when the Democratic party picks a presidential nominee in July.  We will have to be fully mobilized and engaged before the first of these primaries takes place, so keep the time-frame in mind. Meanwhile, there are important local elections happening this Fall that we ignore at our peril.  If the Trump disaster has taught us anything, it’s that local elections really matter.  School boards and town supervisors and district attorneys and mayors all have a big impact on the quality of life and the priorities in our communities.  So once the summer ends, please tune into your local candidates and see if you can do anything to help them win. 

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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