As we continue to sift through and evaluate the Mueller testimony it’s coming into sharp focus that while the hearing didn’t contain any bombshells and Mueller didn’t shriek and pound his fists like Trump does, Mueller’s answers to the questions were damning.  It’s obvious that Trump engaged in multiple acts of criminal obstruction of justice.  Mueller affirmed that Trump met all of the criteria of criminal acts of obstruction without actually drawing that conclusion–because Mueller clearly feels it’s the job of Congress to draw that conclusion.

It’s also clear that Mueller was particularly concerned about the attacks on our Democracy by Russia and other hostile foreign powers.  That, after all, was the first and central focus of his investigation.  Mueller stated that Russia engaged in a complex and multi-faceted cyber attack on our election, including social media propaganda and accessing voting rolls–attacks that continue to this day.

Even worse, we learned yesterday from a New York Times report that Russia meddled in our election systems in all 50 states, a much more broad attack on our voting infrastructure than had been previously reported.

This report is horrifying and should gravely concern every citizen.  Once our voting infrastructure is compromised–even if it’s only in one or two states–it could alter the course of our democracy in a profound and damaging way.  Given this new report, it’s conceivable that Trump wasn’t elected legitimately in 2016, and it’s possible that until we demand paper ballots that leave an audit trail we will lose confidence in the integrity of our elections, which is a recipe for turmoil and chaos.  If a close election can be swung by a hostile foreign power or a corrupt voting-machine manufacturer, we are all screwed.

Does Mitch McConnell care?  Apparently not.  He has blocked eight bills thus far that aim to bolster our election security.  McConnell claims that the bills are too partisan–even though McConnell is one of the most partisan hacks to hold the position of Leader, as his disgraceful treatment of Merrick Garland proved.  For McConnell to give lip service to bi-partisanship is malevolently absurd.  Yet McConnell is also sitting on more than a hundred other bills that have passed the House but will make the Senate Republicans look bad if they ever have to vote on them, so he won’t let the bills come up for a vote.  His conduct has turned the Senate from a deliberative democratic body into a personal tool of tyranny.  Nothing happens without his consent. It’s profoundly umAmerican and an ongoing national disgrace.

I’m going on vacation today for two weeks and while I’m away will only post one special blog next Monday.  I’ll begin again on August 11th.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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