Trump and his advisers spent the weekend continuing to defend and reinforce their 2020 election strategy of racist fearmongering and division.  Ghoulish White House adviser Stephen Miller even made a rare appearance on the Fox network to defend Trump’s inhumane concentration camps and push his draconian immigration proposals.  Why is the administration suddenly turning up the volume on racism?  It’s likely because this week will feature testimony to two House committees from Robert Mueller, testimony that could form a devastating narrative of criminal conduct by Trump.  (And the week following Mueller’s testimony will feature the second round of Democratic debates.)  Trump is terrified of how the Mueller testimony might go, in part because he knows Mueller is a man of honor and integrity and accomplishment, everything that Trump is not.  So Trump’s freaking out.

There were several editorials written over the weekend on the topic of beating Trump that are worth pointing out, both in the New York Times.  (Apologies if you cannot access NYT!).  In the first, Frank Bruni points out that the high-profile freshmen Democrats always in the news are from safe liberal districts, while those who flipped their Trump-voting districts get less publicity but won their districts by holding views  more centrist than the squad.  Bruni mentions Antonio Delgado as one of the more moderate Democrats and makes a good case for why Delgado’s approach should be praised and copied by other Democrats, including the 2020 contenders.  Here’s an excerpt:

Of the roughly 90 candidates on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s list of 2018 challengers with some hope of turning a red House district blue, just two made a big pitch for single-payer health care. Both lost. While first-time candidates endorsed by the progressive groups Justice Democrats or Our Revolution certainly won House elections last year, not one flipped a seat. The party did pick up 40 seats overall — just not with the most progressive candidates.

Full link here:

The second op-ed is from conservative Bret Stephens discussing why the book “My Antonia” by Will Cather is “the perfect antidote to Trump.” (Full disclosure: Cather’s “O Pioneers!” is one of my favorite books.)  “My Antonia” is the story of immigrants to America who overcome prejudice and find their piece of the American Dream, and it’s certainly as relevant today as it was a century ago.  Stephens writes:

It’s in such moments that “My Ántonia” becomes an education in what it means to be American: to have come from elsewhere, with very little; to be mindful, amid every trapping of prosperity, of how little we once had, and were; to protect and nurture those newly arrived, wherever from, as if they were our own immigrant ancestors — equally scared, equally humble, and equally determined.

Full link here:

Over the last week, Trump put his cards on the table.  We know he’s going to run his re-election campaign on a steady stream of racism, misogyny and division.  We can’t let voters forget that every influx of immigrants had the same hopes and dreams, and faced the same prejudices and obstacles, as the immigrants and asylum seekers on our southern border.  How we characterize Trump, and what we demand of our candidates, will determine whether or not a Democrat will be able to defeat him.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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