Yesterday was busy.  A lot of important things happened.  Here’s what you need to know:

1)  Trump continued to attack the four minority Congresswomen, known as the squad, saying that if they have complaints about America they should leave.  The comment was rich coming from a man who whines and complains more than any other politician in the modern era.  His tombstone is going to read, “So unfair, they tried to overthrow me in a coup, witch hunt!” And this whining resonates with his aggrieved, mostly-white supporters.  The squad fought back yesterday in a news conference where they noted that Trump’s racism was nothing new and a distraction from the more important issues that their constituents mention every day, like affordable healthcare and affordable college. Speaker Pelosi weighed in by vowing to introduce a resolution in the House to condemn Trump’s racist rhetoric, but many in the Democratic party are now urging Pelosi to abandon toothless resolutions or clever condemnations, and actually start impeachment hearings. Of course, only a handful of Republicans came out and condemned Trump for his comments yesterday, underscoring the fact that the GOP has become a morally bankrupt party.

2) The Trump regime announced that it would change asylum law to require all asylum seekers to register for asylum with another country first, effectively putting up a roadblock to most asylum seekers before they ever enter our country.  In other words, Trump’s new rule would effectively end the lawful asylum process here in the United States.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Trump is trying to zero out the number asylum seekers into our country–betraying everything our nation has claimed to stand for.

3) The Trump regime also announced that adviser Kellyanne Conway would not honor a subpoena to appear before Congress to answer questions about her possible multiple violations of the Hatch act.  Congress should send another subpoena and threaten her with jail if she doesn’t comply.  She needs to suffer the same consequences that anyone else would suffer from disregarding a subpoena instead of avoiding responsibility because of her status and privilege.

4) The Trump regime would love to shut down entire agencies of the government, but they can’t do that without generating a lot of attention and condemnation.  So instead they are learning how to destroy agencies from within.  Case in point, the Trump regime gave 80% of workers at the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management the option to move out of state to continue their work…or be fired.  Rather than firing 80% of the workforce and looking like heartless monsters in the process, the Trump regime would rather require the workers to make fast, horribly inconvenient and disruptive moves to a city far, far away–and thus force many of them to quit.  It’s the destruction of government by cowards.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”


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