Progressives celebrated a big victory yesterday as Trump threw in the towel and announced that his administration would not keep pushing for a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.  Trump had been threatening to put the question on the Census despite a prohibition from the Supreme Court, then he threatened to write an Executive Order authorizing the question, but he finally surrendered to the reality that he had no good options left and was defeated.  It was a humiliating loss, but a welcome one for the Resistance.

Impeachment has been on the minds of many Democrats since the Mueller report was released, yet Democratic leadership continues to be reluctant to begin impeachment hearings against Trump.  Here is an excellent (compiled) thread by Leah McElrath posted on Twitter about why the Democratic leadership in Congress is following the exact wrong strategy with Trump:

If I were advising Senator Schumer or Speaker Pelosi about how to deal with the unique threat of Trump as a malignant narcissist, I would recommend their doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they’re doing. Democratic leadership is literally doing everything wrong.  Malignant narcissists like Trump will do ANYTHING to “win” (whatever that means to them). They are not constrained by conscience, consistency, honesty, norms, or the law. If not stopped, they will do whatever they want and leave a wake of unbelievable destruction.  Malignant narcissists like Trump are unimaginably ruthless — far more so than most politicians or other human beings. They THRIVE on creating chaos. They will attack from every direction and then find more directions from which to attack that you didn’t even think of.  After winning back control of the House in 2018, there is NO REASON DEMOCRATS SHOULD BE PLAYING ONLY DEFENSE. And yet most of the Democratic lawmakers are, with notable exceptions. Democratic leadership is actively HOLDING BACK the caucus from taking the offense. The Trump administration has enacted policies involving PLANNED SUFFERING AND DEATH. People are dying because of Trump’s amorality, and yet Schumer and Pelosi appeal to Trump over and over as if he has a conscience or the capacity for empathy. HE DOESN’T. Additionally, “appealing” to Trump in any way is experienced by him AS WEAKNESS. The ONLY position from which to take on a malignant narcissist is A POSITION OF STRENGTH. (That’s we he admires murderous dictators who have powers to murder and imprison he wishes he had.)  I recognize Democrats don’t do ruthlessness well, and I am not suggesting that, even if we did, we should take that route. But, with the powers of the House and the ability to demand media attention, Democratic leadership DOES HAVE WEAPONS TO USE. And it’s not using them. Democratic leadership should be on the news and social media EVERY DAY attacking Trump’s corruption. Every. Single. Day. It doesn’t even matter if there is a cohesive strategy (Trump doesn’t have one), they just need to keep him on his heels. There is SO much material.  Instead, what are they doing? Bipartisan cos-play. NOTHING can be bipartisan unless there are TWO parties interested in working together. There aren’t. All the legislation the House is passing is DOA at McConnell’s desk.  In addition to attacking Trump on his corruption daily in the media, Democratic lawmakers should be using EVERY POSSIBLE form of OVERSIGHT. There should be so many subpoenas flying at the White House weekly the Trump admin should feel like it’s playing Whack-A-Mole.  (To be clear: I’m not even talking about the Mueller Report or Russia. Let’s set that aside for this thread.) Democrats should be attacking on EVERY emolument violation, EVERY nepotism violation, EVERY financially corrupt act — EVERY ethical and legal violation they find.  Why should Democratic leadership be calling out Trump’s corruption EVERY DAY in the media and why should they empower the House committees to LET THE SUBPEONAS FLY? It will create (controlled) chaos that TRUMP has to deal with. And: Trump will perceive it as STRENGTH.  Why is it important for Schumer and Pelosi to go on the offense and to create a controlled form of chaos and be unrelenting in their attacks? It will save lives. Read that again. If Trump is on defense, his destructive policy implementation will be slowed.  There is NO RATIONAL JUSTIFICATION for Schumer and Pelosi NOT to be taking action. Their inaction amounts to appeasement — willful or not. We need to DEMAND our Democratic lawmakers throw their metaphorical bodies in front of Trump’s murderous machine. NOW.

Trump is certainly a malignant narcissist and McElrath’s post has the ring of truth.  Dems should be pushing policy agendas but they should also be constantly hammering Trump for his immorality, corruption and scandals. And it seems increasingly likely that an impeachment investigation would fire up the Democratic base, put Trump on the defensive, and soak up White House resources.

Finally, TODAY is #LightsForLiberty protest day.  Actions are planned across the nation to show our outrage at the treatment of children and families at the border.  Several events are planned in NY-19 towns including one in Rhinebeck at the main stoplight at 7pm, hosted by Hudson Valley Strong.  Here is a link with details for all actions:

I’ll be away for a reunion this weekend and won’t blog again until Monday, Day 907.  Have a great weekend, keep resisting, and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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