Trump’s Attorney General William Barr was rebuked yesterday in the 2020 Census case when a judge ruled that the DOJ could not swap out all of their existing lawyers for a new crew.  Only two lawyers were allowed to leave the case, while rest were required to stay.  It remains unclear why all of the DOJ lawyers requested to leave the case–perhaps they were trying to salvage their reputations, or perhaps Barr was trying to fire them in hopes that a new team would increase his chances for a fresh hearing of the case–but the judge was having none of it, calling the DOJ’s motion to withdraw its lawyers “patently insufficient.” The decision was a setback for Trump’s desire to revive the citizenship question on the Census.  Barr’s new “path” to get the question reinstated now seems more like a pipe dream than a legitimate strategy.

Attorney General Barr also declared yesterday that, while he remains recused from any involvement in the probe of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s role in the original Florida-based Jeffrey Epstein sexual solicitation case, Barr decided to un-recuse himself from the new Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case in New York.  Barr’s former law firm Kirkland & Ellis represented Epstein in 2009, and Barr’s father gave Epstein a job at the Dalton School in Manhattan years ago.  These facts would lead most lawyers to recuse themselves from such a case, but not Barr, who has proven himself an ethical disaster.  It’s not far fetched to wonder if Barr is ignoring ethics rules in order to monitor whether the Epstein case will reveal any link to president Trump.  Barr continues to heap disgrace upon disgrace as he places his loyalty to Trump over his allegiance to the Constitution and the American public.

Secretary Acosta, meanwhile, faced calls for his resignation by a host of Congressional Democrats as well as attorneys from across the political spectrum for his abysmal role in the original Epstein sexual solicitation prosecution.  Epstein received special treatment and a sweetheart deal from then-prosecutor Acosta that shocked legal insiders and was later determined to have violated the rights of the plaintiffs.  Acosta even held off-site meetings with Epstein’s lawyers without any other members of the prosecution (much less the plaintiffs) in attendance, which was highly unusual and likely unethical.  Trump praised Acosta yesterday, but it seems likely that Acosta is now serving on borrowed time.

A federal court yesterday also admonished Trump when a judge ruled that Trump was not allowed to censor or block anyone on Twitter.  Since he uses Twitter as a public megaphone he cannot selectively decide who can and cannot follow him.  The judge said that Trump’s blocking of certain people amounted to an unconstitutional breach of the First Amendment.

To summarize, William Barr is an unethical partisan hack, Alex Acosta is a corrupt enabler of a sexual predator, and Trump is a violator of the Constitution.

Keep resisting and keep working to “vote their asses out of office.”


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